December 2008

Having a daughter now.

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I have been working recovery for just over three years and still face the occassional times like this near the holidays and winter weather those laspes are a bit more frequent than I'd prefer. This season though is the first time I've faced these higher temptations with a baby girl, my daughter, by my side. It puts my focus on taking an even further step away from Bulimac tendances even higher. Words cannot expressed how important it is to me to help Mara, my daughter, grow up with a healthy relationship with food and a respect for her body. Looking forward to using this site to help me in that effort. :-)

71 days in the desert will make you want to binge eat

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I was just reading a great book about a guy called Ricky McGee who got stranded out in the Australian outback desert in 2006, without any food or adequate water.

Initially he was desperately seeking water. It was all he could think about, resulting in drinking his own urine.

After getting water he was really hungry and after a few days he was starving. He then started to become obsessed about food. He began to eat anything he could get his hands on; which was only bugs and leeches (he even tried to to eat a cockroach and a few wasps. As you would expect bugs aren't very satisfying and he got more and more hungry with each bug attempt. He began to dream about food and plan imaginary meals. Nothing else mattered more in his life – this was survival after all.

He amazingly managed to survive for 71 days in the Australian outback before he was rescued.

Afterwards he wasn't able to satisfy his appetite and was eating up to 12 meals a day!!! The doctors got worried and tried to stop him eating so much – they could not understand why is appetite was not getting satisfied. He also stole the hospital microwave and hid it under his ward bed.

The good news is that he is now healthy and eating normally again


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