How to cure bulimia

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Curing bulimia is no easy feat but with a lot of perseverance, motivation, guidance and support it certainly is possible.

Did you know that in many parts of the world medical professionals and doctors suggest that the first step you take towards curing your own bulimia is to use an evidence based self help resource just like the Bulimia Recovery System?

Now let's take a look at some of the main questions people have about curing bulimia...

Is it possible to cure bulimia?

curing bulimia

Yes - it really is 100% possible to cure bulimia - I wouldn’t be sitting here writing to you right now if it wasn’t!

And we’re not talking about a “cure” that you have to work at for the rest of your life, we’re talking an all singing all dancing bulimia cure for life!

Before we take a look at the how’s, why’s and when’s let me ask you a very important question…

Do you believe it is possible to cure bulimia?

It’s very common to feel completely helpless when bulimia has taken over your life. Many people wait years and years before they seek out bulimia recovery because they either:

1. Don’t think they will be strong enough to recover
2. Think that recovery will be a life-long battle
2. Believe that no one ever really recovers from bulimia

After almost 11 years of suffering I often felt like I would die a bulimic, I wish I would have realised that there really was a way out!

What I want you to know right now is that everyone who has bulimia has the ability to recover. No matter how long you have suffered for and no matter how alone, lost and afraid you feel you really can recover - for life!

All you need is someone to show you how to do it!

Of course there is no denying that curing bulimia is challenging and it will take time but the most amazing news is that recovery does not have to mean “a life long battle” despite what others may tell you.

(Full recovery from bulimia)

Just before I started my own recovery journey I was right there. I wasn’t sure if I believed it was possible to fully cure bulimia and so for over a decade that put me off even trying.

Joining Bulimia Help was like a breath of fresh air because suddenly all of those recovery misconceptions that had held me back from seeking out the life I deserved we’re being replaced by recovery facts!

One thing you need to understand when you start the recovery process is that:

Curing bulimia is a gradual process!

A process filled with highs and lows.  A process where you will learn more about bulimia and yourself than you ever though possible.

It would be wonderful to wake up one day and just “stop being bulimic.”

But if you’ve ever tried to put a stop to your bulimic behaviours just like that then I’m sure you will agree with me that it doesn’t quite work that way.

A lot of the time people are unable to cure their own bulimia because they try to fight the urges with willpower alone. In reality all the willpower in the world wont help you to cure your bulimia.

(The truth about bulimia recovery)

Don’t you just hate it when people presume we could “just stop” if we wanted to get better?

If you have recently told a friend or family member about your struggle with bulimia and feel they could use a little more support and guidance then why not download our great free resource on “what to do when someone tells you they have bulimia”.

If you tried to make too many changes too quickly then you would simply become too emotionally and physically overwhelmed to continue.

What is the cure for bulimia?

So many people are desperate to learn how to get over bulimia but it seems for many - solutions to eating disorders can be hard to come by.

There are many different avenues that someone wishing to cure their eating disorder may take.

Cures for eating disorders, and specifically cures for bulimia can include:

Here at Bulimia Help we know that one method of recovery alone is not enough to cure your bulimia and that is why we created a “methodology” of recovery called the Bulimia Recovery System. A step by step program that outlines a series of stages and activities that will allow you to kick bulimia out of your life forever!

We really believe that our system is the cure for bulimia and we've already helped thousands of people to recover...

The BRS teaches you how to eat normally again, how to change your attitude and behaviours towards food, how to stop bingeing and purging, how to accept negative thoughts and feelings, how to tune into those natural hunger signals and how to move on through your life without needing to rely on bulimia as a coping mechanism.

If you’d like to know more about curing your bulimia using the Bulimia Recovery System (BRS®) then why not sign up for our free bulimia recovery course now!


A daily checklist to help you stop bingeing, stop purging and make peace with food.

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A daily checklist to help you stop bingeing and stop purging

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