Overcoming Bulimia

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For many the thought of overcoming bulimia can be extremely anxiety provoking. Regardless of how much devastation bulimia has caused in your life, the thought of living without your “safety net” can be very overwhelming.

I used to feel that it was impossible to overcome bulimia...

When I first decided that I had to take action to overcome my bulimia I felt overwhelmed by my options, and I had no idea which road to recovery to take, deep down I presumed that I would fail no matter what I did.

Looking for answers on the internet I discovered Bulimia Help and that’s where my journey to life-long freedom from bulimia really began.

In a matter of weeks I had transformed from a person who often said the words -  “I will never overcome bulimia,” to a person who DID OVERCOME BULIMIA! (my recovery story)

Many people often worry that it won’t be possible to overcome bulimia using self help alone, and while it is true that some do benefit from bulimia therapy, bulimia medication and even bulimia rehab (inpatient treatment) I believe that for the majority of people it is 100% possible to overcome bulimia using self help.

FACT: Did you know that evidence-based self-help has been identified as a key priority treatment for bulimia sufferers by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE)?

Many other professional medical guidelines across the world also note the benefits of using self-help as a primary treatment for bulimia and other eating disorders.

In fact some of the biggest eating disorder associations in the world often direct people towards self help programs just like the Bulimia Recovery System!

Overcoming bulimia using the Bulimia Recovery System...

At Bulimia Help we've already helped thousands of members (myself included) to beat bulimia forever!

One of the main emphasis of the Bulimia Recovery System is re-balancing your body. This means learning how to remove yourself from a state of "distressed hunger" and involves learning to eat normally again and understanding how to re-awaken natural hunger and satiety sensations.

Why not try our free bulimia recovery ecourse now!

Overcoming bulimia using food…

To those of you who are still getting your heads around the concept of bulimia recovery the idea that food can play such a significant role in your recovery is probably quite confusing.

Many people who suffer from bulimia believe one of their main problems is eating too much food. Although in reality most powerful and unavoidable binge urges are a direct result of not eating enough food (or purging the food you do eat).

One of the most vital steps that you need to take in order to overcome bulimia is to create a bulimia recovery meal plan. When you follow a specific bulimia recovery diet like this we call it Structured eating.

How does structured eating help you to overcome bulimia?

Structured eating basically means making yourself available for planned meals and snacks at planned times each day.

It is very much a mechanical method of eating but it is a vital step because it helps you to learn how to eat normally again.

Most people use structured eating for at least six months when they start recovery. I used different forms of structured eating for 15 months before I was finally ready to eat intuitively, and after the initial bumps and fears were taken care of I really learned to love it.

I often tell people that I’m structured eating’s number one fan!

Structured eating lets your body know that it will receive a steady stream of nutrition and that food is no longer being restricted so it doesn’t need to send out powerful binge urges.

Many people are misinformed and think that structured eating will lead to weight gain...

One of the biggest overcoming bulimia fears is weight gain so why not take some time to brush up on the facts about bulimia recovery weight.

More on overcoming bulimia…

If you want to learn more about overcoming bulimia then please check out our bulimia recovery tips article!


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