Embracing your inner beauty

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I know there isn't a gal or guy out there that doesn't wake up on a monday morning after indulging over the weekend, (average person eats approx. 500 cals. more on the weekends) and look in the mirror and go ugh! Those extra glasses of wine/beer/cocktails/fries, what have you that were consumed over the weekend for those w/o an ED does not make them go into a tail spin. Because even though they may be feeling a bit sluggish or puffy, they don't stop liking and loving the person they are. In fact, most of the over eating on the weekends is due to hanging out with friends and socializing which is a celebration of life. OUR beauty resonates from within and that's what people see, and love. So, when you wake up tomorrow and look in the mirror, remind yourself that you are BEAUTIFUL, SMART and worthy of a healthy day. It's amazing when we talk to ourselves with positive affirmations, how good that makes us feel. At the gym that i train at, on the back of each bathroom stall door is a sign that says "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL", and every time i see it, it really makes me feel good inside. I encourage you to make a sign for yourself that you will see on a regular basis. The bathroom door is an excellent place to put it. You will see it first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.

Wishing you all beautiful, sweet dreams~Alana




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