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When i began my healing process one thing i would do daily would be to re-train my brain to take the focus off food and put the focus back on life. I created a mantra for myself that i said each and every time i found my mind drifting and focusing on food, when i knew that i wasn't hungry, depriving myself, restricting or any unhealthy mindset. I would say out loud if i was by myself, (helps to hear yourself say it) or to myself if i was in public, as well as write it down. This is what i would tell myself, " focus on life, not on food", i would repeat this mantra until i believed it and was really focusing on life. Mantras are very powerful, write them down, say them out loud and do it often. This is how we learn to erase the "old tapes" that run through our mind and create new positive ones that help us to thrive, grow and be the best we can be! This takes practice and diligence. Our brains have become accustomed to thinking a certain way, that is why it's so hard to stop a binge or purge or think about food. The brain is used to doing this. However, with daily practice, patience and trust, you can re-train your brain.

My daily mantra now is "I am healthy, fit and strong". Try creating one for yourself and see how it really can make a difference and help you to shift your thoughts:)

Positive thoughts for everyone~Alana

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Thanks for posting this! I

Thanks for posting this! I have been doing really well in recovery but do find myself almost constantly thinking about food and it is really bothering me. I am eating enough but am constantly thinking about when my next snack/meal is, etc, etc. I think I will give this a try and see if it works. I totally believe in retraining your brain... its just easy to believe it and hard to keep up with the actual changing! lol

The walls we build around us
to keep out the sadness
also keep out the joy.

Jim Rohn

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