Short Term Goals

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As all of us know, recovery takes time. We don't go to bed one night binging and purging multiple times a day and wake up the next day a normal non- obsessive eater. Recovery has its ups and downs and sometimes you take a step backward. It can also be incredibly overwhelming to go from bulimia's crutches into a world where food and dieting cannot be where you escape.

I accept the fact that letting go of ED thoughts might take some time. But here are a few short term goals of mine that are not too overwhelming:

1. Write down everything I eat in my food journal. Try not to obsess over how much I eat, but use it as a point of reference.

2. Eat my planned meals and snacks every 3 hours. I know that I am not ready to eat intuitively. Not only do I still have an urge to hold off eating as long as I can, but I don't trust myself to be able to eat whatever, whenever.

3. Make it a point to slow down while eating. I bought little tiny eating utensils and that seems to be helping me a lot.

4. Eat enough! Restricting my calories is the worst thing I can do right now and I know that! Try and resist the urge to 'diet'. Even though I know how many calories I am eating.. if I am truly hungry before bed I will have a snack.

5. Exercise 4-5 days a week. No forcing it and no over-doing it.

6. If some circumstances leads me to eating an unstructured meal, I will not try to compensate it by restricting other meals and snacks


What are some of your short term goals to progress in your recovery?




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