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i had been doing so well. then i got to week 7 and i decided i could eat cake at a party, that i could have something other than just a salad when i went out to dinner with my dad.
and it has just spiraled out of control. but i managed for 7 weeks so i am going to try to start over tomorrow. not over tomorrow - i will start tonight. it is just so hard. i am failing in school and i feel like such a huge failure and i got a pay cut at work so the job anxiety is just hanging over my head. and i just feel like i am not going anywhere in life. i am beginning to feel so overwhelmed and hopeless. today was the worst. it was a true binge. it started with me eating some candy mom left out in a bowl. it is not even 7 in the morning. then going to starbucks and getting a scone after i already ate cereal for breakfast. then i skipped lunch because i had 2 breakfasts. then after class i went to my favorite frozen yogurt place. that would have been okay. but then i came home and all the anxiety etc. was too much. so i had brownies, more candy, pumpkin bread. now i feel so sick and i am not going to purge but i took laxatives so i am sure i will feel sicker later. =( i just want to cry. I Must start over tonight. i have to just move on. if anyone could encourage me i would really appreciate it. i am FAILING IN EVERY AREA. =(


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Aweh hunny, don't be

Aweh hunny, don't be disappointed in youself for slipping.
In recovey lapses and relapses are bound to happen.
Just learn from this and move on.
Seven weeks is amazing!!
I'm really proud of you :)

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1 day in 7 weeks is so

1 day in 7 weeks is so awesome!!! Congrats! Do not be ashamed of it but rather be proud that you have gone 7 weeks... some girls here would KILL to have gone that long. So keep your head up and this time try for 8 weeks :)

*** I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday ***

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