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this contains weight and numbers please dont read if u feel may be triggering.

At college we today started having sessions with a personal trainer, as a group in order to help improve our stamina for our next production (physical theatre and contains loads of dance).

He weight us on a special machine which works out weight, muscle mass, bone density, water percentage, metabolic age etc, etc.

I weighd 8st 8llbs but had a BMI of 13.5. To me this sounds impossible, I've always been told 18.5 is underwight and below 17 is low enough to class as anorexic.

The trainer doesnt know about my ed but said that a BMI of 13.5 is excellent, thats what the top athletes are/aim (apparently athletes aim for between 12-16) for and thats what he would like to be.

I want to feel quite proud but feel fat and ashamed of weight at same time yet I know it must be wrong my bmi surely cant be that???? I done the test twice but it has to be a mistake??? dont know wat to think???

please wright back.



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How tall are you? In order to

How tall are you? In order to have a bmi of 13.5 you would have to be 6 feet and 7 inches tall! I think he was referring to body fat percentage because 13 would be an ideal body fat for athletes. Which is amazing by the way!!!

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I'm sorry that sounds bad! A

I'm sorry that sounds bad! A few years ago I lost so much weight that everything including my hormones got messed up, thankfully I gained the weight back... Now I'm actually a woman again, I'm at a BMI of 21 and I wouldn't want to lose a pound!

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this is very innapropraite.

this is very innapropraite. no numbers the numbers dont matter.

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I don't think this belongs on

I don't think this belongs on a recovery blog IMHO.

The numbers can be really triggering

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it sounds like you are just

it sounds like you are just looking for validation about those numbers..........

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Everyone-the numbers don't

Everyone-the numbers don't even add up! Just ignore them. The only way to be 8st 8lbs (120 lbs) and have a bmi of 13.5 is to be 6 feet 7 inches! Not possible. Well it is, but very unlikely for a woman to be that tall lol.

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I agree with imtosis, I don't

I agree with imtosis, I don't think Bethan meant for this post to be triggering, and i don't think it is. I read a hell of a lot more triggering things on this site that don't mention numbers. Pretty sure he was talking about body fat and 13% i very low and what athletes train so hard to achieve. Athletes would not be able to get out of bed with a BMI of 13!

Don't follow your dreams, chase them!

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Thank you, realy didnt intend

Thank you, realy didnt intend for it to be triggering, was just so confused and upset with what i was told and needed to know wat to believe, didnt think would be poss to have bmi of 13.5 but common sense is sort of lost at times when u have an ed, u never know weather to trust ur own knowledge. thanx.

I am truly sorry if this was/is triggering for anyone.

Im a little confused, wat the diff between bmi and body fat percentage, i thought bmi, body mass index was the amount of fat on ur body.

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