feeling uneasy and sad and anxious

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ugh. i don't know why i am feeling like this. i am going on 6 weeks of healthy eating and no bingeing. no throwing up either. i still use laxatives, but even that is improving. i just hate how yesterday i felt good, i felt healthy and okay. today i feel icky, fat, and scared. I want to be free from all of this. this up and down. An eating disorder is more than just behavior. there is this whole mindset and patterns of belief and thinking that are so hard to shake. i don't know what to do. i am not sure what i need. All i know is i need some sort of encouragement because i am beginning to feel like i am failing....help. =( I just don't know what to do. Am i alone in this or do other people feel like this?


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the fact that u have lasted 6 weeks without a binge is incredible, I wish I could get past 6 days. I'm sorry u r still feelng uneasy tho, there is always that intense fear of relapsing but u will get throu, tomorrow will b better so just stick out today xo

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u r not alone

yes! other people feel that way. i am going on 11 days and starting to feel anxious. i overeat and still try to hold it in because there is no future in this illness and no confusion about what it brings. you asked for help. part of what helps me is to not stick to the perfect weight and perfect diet but rather to eat consistent and balanced meals plus a little of what you want. dont be afraid to gain weight, you will still be beautiful in all ways! just let your body find its health and rythym. you are amazing, i have never made it a full month since this disease began. if you can make it a month you can make it however long you choose. i recovered fully from anorexia so i know its possible to recover fully from bulimia. hang in there, you are going to be ok. ur not alone. ur not the only one. ur also in my prayers.
by the way, i am older than you and you've decided not to wake up 5 yrs from now with the same problem, as i have. ur ahead of me in that you are making humongous strides NOW and i think you are amazing!

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