I'm sick of it now

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I binged last nite feel competly awful now am I alone in this as my binges can last 12 hrs and it's constant binging and purging does anyone else binge that long or is it just me.


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Hey Loopylass, No it is

Hey Loopylass,
No it is definately NOT just you.. Often times my b/p episodes last the entire day, from when I wake up to when I go to sleep is just binge/purge binge/purge...
I slipped yesterday too. But the best thing you can do is to throw away that negative thinking and get right back on with structured eating today!
You can do it ;)

-- Laryssa

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BP yesterday too but back on

BP yesterday too but back on track today. The bp makes you an emotional wreck due to the effects on blood sugar, hormones and brain chemistry. Compound that by feelings of guilt and failure and its no wonder u feel terrible. The more good days you gt uder your belt the better you will feel. As Laryssa stated, you have to stop the negative thinking. Think of how glorious life would be without bulimia!
My binges can last all day as well. I can binge for hours then purge when I'm in pain. I barely taste the food. I'm like a friggan robot and heaven forbid anyone get in the way of my binge.
stay strong!

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Catherine Liberty
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Hi Loopylass! Yes I can

Hi Loopylass!

Yes I can completely identify with this. Before I recovered I would binge and purge continually every day.

Sometimes people found it hard to understand when I said I could purge at least 20 times a day, but that was because bulimia was all my life consisted of near the end.

I would binge upon waking and then pretty much binge eat all day long. Sometimes rapidly but most of the time just eating as much as I could, taking a break to purge and then carrying on. What a horrible time.

So I totally understand where you are coming from, it's such a horrible place to be trapped in. Many people find that attempting to cut down gradually from that helps a lot and I will always be a fan of "baby steps" becaues i've seen how helpful gradual changes in recovery can be, but for me I literally just said "this has to be it" and committed to trying to stop completely from day one.

It's beyond hard, but there is always a way to recover, you just have to find what works best for you. Remember we're all here for you

take care

Catherine x

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