attempting to conquer day 3!

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Well I've eaten rather alot already but i am definately going to try my hardest to conquer my first day 3 ever!!!! I have been trying near 3 months and by day 3 i always end caving and pretty much feel i have to start the whole process again.

SO i guess im feeling pretty good. Very happy and much more positive. I am immensly bloated and have cramping pains in my lower abdomen but ill blame this on eating too much. Hoping hoping hoping to hell that my bloat will go in a couple of weeks because it really hinders my progress when i feel like im becoming huge. But i guess this is all dependant on winning the battle! Oh- what a horrid cycle it is!
im almost thinking my teeth look better ( not sure if this actually possible but they seem to look less translucent)
Will win will win will win .
Hope you are all succeeding out there!

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So happy for you!

So happy for you!

No binge tastes as good as HEALTHY FEELS!

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