Insatiable hunger

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Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone else shares the same problem...

So I can go a few days without binging (I no longer purge as I'm sick of it...excuse the pun) but then some days I would get, not what I describe as an urge to binge necessarily (though it probably is that) but an insatiable hunger, which some days just persists until I literally stuff myself silly. I can't focus on anything else until I've eaten enough either!

Is this just part of the recovery? I've gained a bit of weight because of not purging but to be honest I'm trying to drum it into myself that I'd much rather be a healthy weight and happy than skinny, bulimic and down-right miserable...and for what? smaller jeans? God this illness is such a twat. Like the school bully you want to karate chop in the face.

Rant over :)

We can all beat this!! xxx

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Hey I want to get back on

Hey I want to get back on this - later in the day as now I gotta go to work! Hang in there dear, and by the way I love your pun haha! :)

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