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I have managed to stop purging (vomiting) but find I'm still binging and have an insatiable appetite which scares me a little...the whole gaining weight thing is inevitable if this continues, how does everyone else feel about this? xx


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Hey, My first question is r u


My first question is r u eating 3 meals w/2-3 snacks a day? If not, this is why you still maybe binging. The other reason is because have programmed your brain to do this and it takes a while to re-train the brain. If you're eating every couple of hours, the binges will subside. Also, make a mantra for yourself when you are eating. Such as "i eat slowly and taste my food. This will help stay mindful during your meals. If you're still eating at the speed of lightening, then you are not being mindful and not giving your brain time to connect with your stomach to process.

Hope this helps and congratulations for not binging!!!
~Stay strong

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Hey Alana thanks for your

Hey Alana thanks for your reply,

Yea the annoying thing is I try to have 3 square meals and 2-3 snacks a day but my calorie intake is probably still far too low on the days I don't binge. Saying that though I think a small part of me now enjoys the binge as it's a release from the ridiculous restrictions we put on ourselves. I'm just struggling to find strategies that work to get me through the overwelming urge to you have any suggestions? I think I just need to try a lot harder than I have been already. I don't understand how we can be so strict some days and then others we eat days worth of food?

The life of a bulimic seems to be just a mass of contradictions!


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