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i bo'd for the first time in months on thursday which is my group therapy day. i was planning on going to group and tell the girls how i went skiing with my dad (which ws fun) then came home and bpd. on my way driving to group sometihng happened and i ended up driving to my friends house and smoked which i hadnt done in 5 days (my reccord) my therapist even texted me and asked why i wasnt in group. i wrote back stoned saying i was having a hard time. she said "then doesnt it make sense to be in group??" i worte back somethng like i am drinking and smoking and a friends i was planning on going to group but ended up here" after that text i stoped smoking and drinking sobered up a bit and drove to the last 30 mins of group. i thought that would be the last day i drank or smoked. i got all the booze out of the house (by way of consomptuion) then yeserday/friday i was not drinking i was studying for a yoga training that hap was about to start. Then my husband came home with a jumbp bottle of vodka and some alcoholic edd nog. he drove me to my training but rigth befire we git there i got really bad anxiety and started crying. i didnt know why. probably a combo ofg feeling fat and having booze in the hosue. he said i probably should go if i was so upset. so we went and picket up his sister bc they were planning on having dinner together. i was like no take me to my training then i started crying again and his siter said the same tihng. dont go if your this sad. so i went home and even made a joke "we will get drunk to forget" they laughed dont know if it was funny though.went home and got so wasted. have the worse hangove this morning and dont remember allot of last night. i even feel like i might get drunk and bp today. F*CK!!!!!!!!!!!!! why is this so hard. ast group my theraps said it made sense to her why i was turning to substance. she said i recovered from my ed so quickly which is called a flight to health. but i have been hanging on to this other behaviors. its so hard i feel like i dont have anyone to talk to friend wise about substance use or ed.


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hey chick, So sorry you've

hey chick,
So sorry you've had such a hard couple of days. Please don't give up chick, you can get well. I know sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel seems to vanish, it has seemed that way for me severa times. But it was/is always there, we just need to refocus & it will reappear.

Big hugs & loads of love to you my lovely. I truelly believe you can do this.


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Hiya Sorry to hear about your

Sorry to hear about your recent troubles... I do hope you can get through it all and come out the other end, re-focused on putting some of your compulsive behaviours to bed for good!
It’s so hard to do, and we will slip... but at least we are trying.
You will get there, I wish you lots of luck

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