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Ok so I have decided to make a list throughout the day of everything that I have to be thankful for/ positive about.

starting with.....my eyes are no longer swollen from my traumatic tanning experience :-P

Please add your comments if you wish...I will continue to add mine throughout the day just to keep myself in high spirits! :)


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2. drinking coffee and it is

2. drinking coffee and it is sooo freaking delicious!
3. my boyfriend is coming to see me tomorrow!!
4. fall break is next week!

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1. I went OUT for lunch with

1. I went OUT for lunch with my husband and ate a normal lunch and kept it down like a normal person does!!!
2. I have gorgeous children who made an anniversary card for our anniversary without any prompting from us!!! - so sweet!
3. I am on 8 weeks today - something I never dreamed of achieving - and feel all the better for it!
Enjoy the rest of your day! x

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Woohooo you go girl!! :) so

Woohooo you go girl!! :) so happy for you!

here's some more from me....
5. it's beaautiful outside today..so sunny
6. I found bulimiahelp.org
7. i'm done with class today at 1:20

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here's some from me: 1. I'm

here's some from me:
1. I'm not obsessing about food 24/7 anymore
2.I feel a general improved sense of my own health
3. I have friends and family who love me & support me
4. I love this supportive community & am glad I stumbled upon it! :)

Have a beautiful healthy day!

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I love this idea!! 1. I am

I love this idea!!

1. I am here with supportive people and feel safe to express myself fully :)
2. It's raining and I'm snuggled up in a blanket enjoying every second of it.
3. guitar lessons are in five hours
4. I had wayyyy too much coffee and I feel like I'm floating on a cloud haha I think I might have O.D. on the caffeine, but that's ok :)

p.s. please do tell about your traumatic tanning experience?!

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1. I have this site, this

1. I have this site, this wonderful community =)

2. I have an adorable cat who accepts me and loves me despite my ED issues (but he also knows I give him the kitty treats haha)

3. I had the best chai latte today, so good!

4. Reading a good book and being momentarily in another world is therapy in and of itself

5. There are pumpkins everywhere and it's exciting to think about Halloween.

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Some of mine! :) 1. I have a

Some of mine! :)
1. I have a wonderful family that shows me nothing but love! <3
2. It's a warm fall/ sunny day and the trees look beautiful with the leaves changing!
3. I finally hVe support to help me on my journey... I'm not alone anymore!! :)
4. I'm seeing my school Counslor for the first time today...I'm so nervous!! But exciteed as iv never talked to anyone before.
5. I'm trying to really get to know MYSELF as a women, for the first time! Im trying to find out what makes ME happy...besides food!!!.

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I'm starting to feel more

I'm starting to feel more normal. full stop. and I love it.

If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian. ~Paul McCartney

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