Swollen Glands

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Does anybody have any insight or ideas on how to deal with swollen glands?
After binging sometimes my salivary glands on both sides of my neck are swollen.
Greatly appreciate your help!


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Swollen salivary glands

Hi Yogabonheur,

I too had swollen glands when I was bulimic, this is caused by infection and/or irritation caused from vomiting.

Extra saliva is produced to protect teeth from acid when vomiting happens - I am not sure whether this also plays a role in enlarging the glands. However, this can't protect teeth from large amounts of vomiting.

As far as I am aware the only way for salivary glands to go back down is to stop vomiting. This can take several months and in some cases antibiotics are needed to help get rid of trapped mucous.

I hope this helps!

Best of luck with recovery,


Ali Kerr
Recovery is so very very possible!

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Yep, I hate that! I pretty

Yep, I hate that! I pretty much constantly have these, I stopped even noticing..it was only when I saw a picture of myself (enter chipmunk) I realised how bad I looked. Stopping purging is the only way, it takes my face about a week or so to return to normal, but I don't think I've an infection or anything..

Good luck chick, xx

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oh my god!! that is so good

oh my god!! that is so good to hear! i thought that i had just gained heaps of weight and was fat in the face... even though i havnt gained that much weight at all and am still slimmish i guess...
wow. thats incredibly. more insentive to stop.
question though. is it just from pugring or can it happen from just bingeing too? or if your body is used to purging and you dont would it still prepare you for it by producing extra saliva like that? because i have been bingeing and not throwin up for the past week. and my face is still really round underneath my chin and thats odd for me because i have quite an angular face

wanna see whats shakin in the real world

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Hmm, yeah I get that under

Hmm, yeah I get that under the chin thing too!.. which is unusual for me as well, I thought I was just bein paranoid..maybe it takes longer for the swelling to go away in total (Ali said like a month/s)..I know, is massive incentive! I don't know if binging affects the salivary glands, this is a long shot, but I suppose it depends on what you binge on and how much. Say, loads of fast food would contain loads of salt and so would cause puffiness in general?! Anyhu tho, enemy no. 1 is definitely purging.. well done on not doing so btw, thats awesome!

Take care chick, <3

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I am the biggest researcher

I am the biggest researcher on swollen glands as I have had problems with mine for about 5 years. Even in recovery.

Basically your glands are overactive during bulimia because they are constantly being used during eating and also when you purge, they are always on the go and this become a way of life for them, even when you stop, they are so used to being overactive that they stay swollen. There is also another theory that the acid somehow damages the glands. And thirdly malnutrition causes them to swell. either way the duration and frequency of bulimia will determine how quickly they heal and get back to normal.

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