i did it no bp day 1

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i wrote a blog post earlier today trying to fight the urge to bp when i was supposed to go to a yoga workshop. anways what ended up happening after i wrote that blog i called on of my friends who was going to go with me and i told her i didnt think i was going to go (at the point i had given in to ed) she asked why and i started crying. then i said i would go. on my way there i stoped at the market to get some cough drops (getting over a cough) and i broke down again in the market. i called my friend crying and she decided to meet me at the marktet. we decided not to do the practice ( i am bumbed because i would have loved to see my teacher and practice nad be part of the community but at the time it felt like to much) instead she treated me to a really fun day. we got mani's and pedi's we went tanning, we drove up the canyon and looked at the beauty of nature, we went shoping for a nose ring for her, we got a salad, and later we had thai food for dinner. It was a really busy day. She kept telling me she thought i was pregnet becuase hse has noticed that lately I have been having mood swings, and i get really sad and hopeless. I ended up telling her i have an eating disorder and i am trying to recover. she as so nice about it and asked how she vould help. she is the first person i have told face to face beside my dad and husband.

i tihnk it is one thing to go a day with out bping if you dont really really have a urge. but it is sooo hard to go a day with out bping when ed is telling you to do it. i am so proud of myself


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you were able to take that

you were able to take that next leap and actually tell someone about your disorder. you should be proud of yourself, though you cried you were still able to get back up and have a wonderful day without a relapse.
be proud of yourself because what you were comprised of that day, you were still able to extract the optimisic fundamentals of the despondent things.

congrats and i hope tomorrow will be even better for you :)

"we all have the power to overcome this, make your words become actions"

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You should be proud of

You should be proud of yourself, keep that strength with you, remember how great you feel, and move through tomorrow with the same energy and positivity!

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wow that is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

wow that is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! You are such a strong person; you are definitely on the path to recovery.


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great job! I know you've been

great job! I know you've been struggling a bit lately and I'm so proud of you! remember how great this feels!

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