Turmeric for your swollen glands

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I would like to share something that I've recently discovered is incredibly helpful for my glands. I finally remembered to pick up a bottle of turmeric supplements to try them out, last night. It has not even been one day, and my glands look ten times better! My glands looked almost miraculously better this morning. I actually felt confident in putting my hair halfway up, which I hadn't been able to do for weeks because of how long they were taking to heal.

Even after working hard to have normal food habits, every time I gave in and binged and purged again, my glands would blow up all the way back to the way they were. It seemed almost futile. It is very disillusioning. Having a normal jaw is an incentive to fight for recovery (and against those urges) more than I realized.

So after being completely fed up with my glands, I decided to try a supplement that I suspected could help my body speed up the process with its unique properties: turmeric. It is now very common for people to use this spice in the West for ailments like arthritis and other joint problems, inflammation, and pain. It supports the immune system, helps cleanse the lymph nodes, and thereby reduces inflammation and speeds recovery of injured body parts. It has been used in India for this purpose for thousands of years in Ayurveda. According to Western medicine, its "active ingredient" is curcumin, but in my philosophy, it is the synergy of all the "components" of the spice, greater than the sum of each consituent when taken whole, that assists the body in this way.

I had known about these properties of turmeric ever since I worked in a health food and supplement store years ago. But it never occurred to me that I could use it for the inflammation of my glands! So now, on top of all the multitude of tinctures and herbs I'm taking, I have a bottle of turmeric, conveniently packed in little capsules.

I have been taking more than the recommended dose because I know I need it, and it is a very safe edible spice, used in cooking. I have never, EVER seen my glands reduce this much in such a short time (less than 24 hours!!).

I purchased the turmeric from a brand called "Organic India," which I found in a conventional grocery store! Its ingredients are simply: organic turmeric rhizome, turmeric extract (95% curcuminoids), and organic ginger rhizome (ginger is also helpful for inflammation).

It is simply astounding!


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i love turmeric! i like to

i love turmeric! i like to use it to stir fry tofu with some coriander and curry powder. good to know about its anti-inflammatory uses. i am totally going to look for the capsules at my local herb store.

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WOW! This is GREAT

WOW! This is GREAT information.

Thank you very much indeed.

I'm going to go out this morning and buy some tumeric and will report back!!

Great discovery.


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Just wondered... I don't have

Just wondered... I don't have capsules but I have it in powder form. What do you think about taking a spoonful orally? How much do you think?


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There really isn't a

There really isn't a difference except that taking it in capsules makes it easier to ingest it without dealing with the strong taste. With capsules you can take a lot of it at once. It simply breaks down in the stomach. I was too lazy to make the capsules myself, which is cheaper, and, though I like turmeric, I think it's disgusting at that dose in tea or water! I mean, have you ever tried straight turmeric before, like a spoonful of it? Yuck. Haha. But a tea WOULD be stronger because the medicinal constituents would come out into the water, and it would digest faster. Anyway, you can go to a health food store and buy empty "O" capsules and just stuff them with powdered turmeric. You can get a lot of those capsules for very, very cheap. I don't have one of those cute "capsule machines." I do it the ghetto way and just put the herb powder in a deep bowl and try to dig the capsule in it until it's full. Seriously, it's way cheaper to do this since turmeric is a widely available cooking herb, and buying the capsules (which I did out of laziness) is kind of hilarious.

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Ahh, I'm seriously going to

Ahh, I'm seriously going to get some of this tomorrow. Thank you so much Scarlet!!!!

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Good info. Also like the stir

Good info.
Also like the stir fry idea!

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thank you so much for

thank you so much for sharing!! ive had it in my eggs this morning, and also put a lot of tumeric in my soup for dinner. think it tastes very good! together with coriander and cayennepepper it tastes almost like curry :D

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