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So the Easter Candy and Holiday Meal got the better of me. After eating certain foods it just triggered something in me. Part of my mindset started out healthy- "don't worry about the food just enjoy yourself and the holiday" but it turned into too many of this, too much of that. I kinda feel like it has been a 4 day slip up, today being the worst. But tomorrow is a new day. I will turn over a new leaf. I CAN DO THIS. (to be honest i don't feel quite like that, but i must tell myself this over and over until i believe it.) I yearn for a fresh start. I long for the day when there won't have to be anymore "fresh starts" when there won't be hours spent in the bathroom. when there won't be this constant dialogue in my head telling me what i should or shouldn't do. On a positive note, my mom gave me a chocolate bunny. i decided to put it away and not "finish" the binge so to speak. That is the positive thought that i am going to bed with. i hate slip ups. i hope everyone else is doing alright.




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