why did i bing and purge today

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Yesterday was b/p free for me
breakfast : caffe with cream, toast with cream cheese
lunch ; rice with chiken and vegtable
snack : fuit juice and one apple
and in the dinner my fiance take me eat out to bufflot ( Honestly u didnt wanna go because i was scared if i binge ) In the end , i ate salade ,5 wings and 4 cheese stick .i felt soooo full but i didnt wanna purge ( i kept saying "No purging , No laxatives! I ate normal amount of food , its ok if i eat like that once a week .......) As we back home from dinner i went to sleep

Today , i woke up so proud of myself .However , i felt lilttle bit guilty because i ate a lot and unhealthy food last night
Breakfast: caffe with cream, toast with cream cheese
lunch : i binge and purge :(

why? :( i feel sad right now but i wont give up




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