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21 days to break the Habit

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My counselor told me after 21 days of not practicing your habit it will be broken. In my recovery process I found this true. I always keep that in the back of my mind... After 21 days of staying strong I'll be cured. I will have to tell you it was hard, difficult and painful, but I made it. I think after the 21 days I was able to listen to my body and I could tell when i was full and when I was hungry. I was no longer questioning myself if I was eating to much or to less. Over time it wasn't the full focus of my life.

I hope this helps you all. It helped me. I'll tell you what.. If I can do it and I can be recovered ANYONE CAN!! I was at my lowest point in my life. I was so sad and ALL I CARED ABOUT WAS MY WEIGHT!! Nothing else mattered. Now, I feel like I'm alive. I'm there for my family like I should be my life has meaning. I'm HAPPY. I want all of you to be happy too.
I'm here if any one needs to talk to me.
I have been BULIMIA free since June and I'm living life. Bulimia took my life away and I took it back.
Stay STRONG! :-)

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