Alcohol Abuse and Bulimia?

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Alcohol Abuse and Bulimia?

Hello all!

I was wondering if anyone else has difficulty with alcohol and bulimia? It feels like my alcohol abuse feeds off my bulimia, and vice versa. Is anyone else having these problems, and does anyone have any advice/tips?

Thanks so much lovelies, you are all so strong!


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in the same boat

yeah, i have the same issue with alcohol... literally will not eat at all some days just so i can get all my calories from alcohol. of course i have some other "issues" too that are similar and it is very hard to stop one thing without indulging yourself in another vice. a neverending cycle for me but i am trying harder than i ever have before to quit it ALL including the bulimia. the combination of my addictions should have killed me a long time ago it's a miracle that i'm even still here.
my only advice (as i am just now... like TODAY... starting the recovery process, haven't even hit the withdrawals yet, so my advice really doesn't count for shit right now) is find somebody strong in your life, share your problem with them, and make a commitment to stop it all as soon as possible before you are so far into it that something bad has to happen to wake you up.
good luck

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I have alot of problem with

I have alot of problem with addictions period. I look at my eating disorder as a heavy addiction. So to me it seems natural that I experience problems with alcahol, in my past sex and drugs. I notice how impulsive my decision making alot of the time goes head onw ith how much my eating disorder intensifies.

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hey, i also have major

hey, i also have major alcohol issues, i seem to do everything in large quantitys! when i drink i always drink so much i dont remember the night...recently i got done for drink driving, crashed locked p in a prison cell for 12 hours, i still dont remember the whole thing, i just thank god nobody got hurt, bad times, definatly need to curb my addictions!

Melanie Jane
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I've reluctantly come to a

I've reluctantly come to a similar conclusion. When I drink it's almost impossible to indulge moderately. I always go overboard and then I'm screwed not only that night but the next day too. Sometimes I'll stop in at a 24hr grocery and snag a devilish amount of binge food. Sometimes I purge that night, other times I'm just too exhausted and fall right a sleep. Either way, the next day is always terrible. Even if I'm the slightest bit hungover all I want to do is shovel in the crappiest food non-stop. It's a real problem. Last night I stayed in even though it's spring break!! Tonight is a friends birthday party at a karaoke place, what to do?? I've never done karaoke sober. haha. Maybe I'll try. I've thought about limiting myself to 2 drinks only. Seems like a reasonable amount, but I'm sure it's easier said than done. I read a comment on this site that said they only drink if they're able to sleep at someone else's place. Thought that was a good idea. Hope something in this can help. I'm obviously just figuring it out myself. Good luck!

Coach Jen
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Oh yes, for me alcohol and

Oh yes, for me alcohol and bulimia went hand-in-hand. I didn't have to completely give up drinking to recover, but I had to stop binge drinking and getting wasted. Not only would I b/p when drunk, I would binge the whole next day or so too. Now I can drink freely again without relapse, but it has been a really major problem in the past for me too.

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I'm still having such a hard

I'm still having such a hard time with drinking and bingeing. I almost get excited to drink, because it's the one time ED 'allows' me to eat... for some reason drinking makes eating ok, even though I still purge sometimes afterwards. Are you guys still dealing with this toxic duo? Any tips?

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I am the same. I know that

I am the same. I know that drinking is a massive trigger but I love going out and parting. I have a lot of friends and I almost feel expected to be the life and soul of the party. Everyone things I’m great fun and such a free spirit. Which I love, even though I know it’s not true at all! Everything will be going fine, I’ll be feeling so strong and so positive and then as soon as I start drinking everything is unleashed. Sometimes I just feel like I want to get the going out bit out of the way so that I can use my excuse of being drunk to get tons of food to shove down my throat. When I’m drunk I really don’t care at all. Then the next day (like today!) I’m so hungover and feel so so terrible in myself that I want to eat even more. On a day when I have to work I’m usually still drunk in the morning so buy as much food as I can on my way to work then purge as soon as I get there.

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yes! i had a HUGE alcohol

yes! i had a HUGE alcohol problem when my bulimia was at it's worst. now i completely abstain because I find it easier. i am an all or nothing person and i think a lot of bulimics are. i can't just have one drink or one line i have to have 10. so it's easier to just say absolutely no. so glad that there are other people out there who are the same.

now i can't even touch a drink and i start feeling nauseous. not great for my social life but wonderful for my health.

"Behind every beautiful thing there's been some kind of pain "- Bob Dylan

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I had even noticed this forum

I had even noticed this forum was active when I started the one on alcohol.
I set intentions to abstain completely but then I rationalize drinking and later regret it. I somehow tell myself alcohol will be a good substitution for bulimia, that I should go to dinner and have 2 drinks to treat myself for not bingeing. But 1 dinner with drinks turns into - I kid you not - 6 different restaurants with drinks. Horrifically expensive. That addictive process is heavily tied up with money. I get a rush from spending excessively. I don't make much money - I live in a 1 bedroom basement apartment and can't afford a car due to all the money I waste. Then the feelings of guilt and regret become kind of addictive. I hate this so much. I need to think of a substitute activity for restaurants. Something that gets me out of the house and out of my head.

Perhaps more importantly, I need to remember that me & alcohol don't complement one another. And that I have verified this, I don't need to keep testing it out 'just to see.' That little experiment has been replicated so many times. I know what the outcome will be.

The only solution I can think of is to wait for, accept, and embrace cravings, whether they be for food or booze. I'm not going to get to the other side of this if I'm perpetually truing to avoid the (mostly emotional) withdrawal. It's all bound up in this strange OCD pattern of anxiety and compulsion.


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Yep, I have problems with

Yep, I have problems with bulimia and alcohol too... they are both vices to get through the day. I crave a drink as soon as possible - usually around 5pm... then keep drinking (every night) till bed, it helps me not think about what I've eaten for dinner.... but if I overdo it I feel guilty about the alcohol and binge so I can get rid of it all... knowing that is ridiculous because you can't get rid of alcohol - it goes straight into your bloodstream. Sounds a very common theme here...

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