Binge/Purge or just Binge?

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Binge/Purge or just Binge?

Just wondered -
Do you guys think it's better to binge and purge or to binge, but resist purging?
I know health -wise the latter is probably better, but I literally cannot stand to have all that food sitting in me, making me fat, I have to get it out.
So if I binge and then the purge isn't very successful I feel absolutely TERRIBLE!!
I'm asking, because I see people's posts which are positive about resisting purging, even after a binge, but personally I am incapable of that.
JJ xxxxx

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i know how you feel, if i

i know how you feel, if i know im going to binge i always think ah i'll be okay after. when truth is i never am. just knowing its there is horrible and i have to get it out asap.
i know, when a purge isnt successful its just the worst thing.
obviously neither nor are better.
but out of the 2 i guess it would be better not to purge.
but its hard giving advice i dont take myself.
a few people have mentioned to me about set eating plan, so i tried this today - purged 3 times after not even binging. :(

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My experience.

I know what you mean because before I stopped the purging I thought it was impossible to let a binge sit in my stomach. I have now made it since Feb. 18 without purging but continue to overeat and binge. All I can say about it is I like not being swollen all over my body and having a huge face like I do when I purge. I also know my binges are on healthier foods and not as much food as before. It has made a difference in my binges because I know I am not going to purge. If I know I am going to purge I spend at least $40 on binge food(lots of junk) and eat until I can't physically eat one more bite. I do have to say that I feel proud after that I at least didn't purge but I am getting discouraged with not being to beat this bingeing/overeating. Overall I feel so much better not purging. Just try it one time and see what you think. That is how I started doing it. If you need to talk just message me.

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thats so good that you've

thats so good that you've stopped the purging for almost 2 months! did you find it hard?
have you been putting on weight since stopping purging though or is it not so bad as you are binging on healthier foods?
i know i need to give it a go, but everytime i try i lose control and have to purge. x

Miss H
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i think if i don't purge then

i think if i don't purge then my binges become less significant. if i have a proper proper full on binge then i have to purge coz it's so painful. but if i just overeat a bit then i try not to purge.

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I think that the second one

I think that the second one is better -but of course, it's also the most difficult!
Sometimes when I binge I try to keep it in (it's weird but what I do is everytime I stand up I force myself to sit again and when that doesn't work I go downstairs and climb the stairs as I live on the 16th floor) it kind of puts my purge urge at bay
but I understand what kelley23 is saying because when I binge i see the 'food baby' sticking out of my stomach and the urge to purge it away becomes so strong =(

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if i over eat .i have to purge,the urge is too powerful

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I know what you mean and how

I know what you mean and how you feel.. I used to burst into tears when my purge was unsuccessful, or now in my last month of recovery(no purgeing) I start crying and feel so FAT and gross and disgusting after bingeing. But I see that my binges have gotten smaller, at the same time I see my love handles have gotten bigger, it is hard and there's no simple solution, but in the end we all just wanna recover no? and have it completely out of our lives...

So think about it, supposedly the less you purge it the less likely you are to binge again, and the path to complete recovery is one step closer... And as my mom and bf put it, would you rather weigh 10pounds more? Or be dead??
(believe it or not I actually had to think about that one which is kinda scary to see how far I've gone)

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Extreme weight fluctuations.

To answer your question Amy. My weight has stayed about the same without purging. It only changes by about 1-3 lbs. a week either way. That is better than it was before with the purging. When I binge and purge I not only gain a lot of weight, but my weight fluctuates up and down by 10-15 lbs. It makes my emotions even more extreme because my weight is so extreme. However I am working out every day pretty hard. I am not overdoing it time wise but the intensity is extreme. I know that is why I haven't gained weight with all the bingeing. I also know it is only a matter of time before I put on weight if I don't stop all this bingeing. Still I feel better not purging.

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