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Body relearning how to feel full

So shock of my life, almost one month into my recovery and eating structured meals and snacks I actually felt full tonight while eating dinner and couldnt finish! So exciting! I felt so normal! Does this mean my body is on its way to becoming normal again? Is this a typical to expect that i will naturally learn to stop eating once my body is satisfied? What else can i expect to look forward or expect to along these lines?

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I dont ever know if I am full or it is just my head or am i really full...

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Well done!!

I think you deserve a massive WELL DONE! It is a real revelation when this happens. You are finally managing to get back in touch with what you body is telling you. This is intuitive eating - it is when your body lets you know what, when and how much you want to eat instead of what your diet mentality tells you. You felt normal because this is normal eating. You are well on your way to freedom!

This is what normal eaters feel after eating. It is a feeling of being satisfied and a feeling of not wanting to eat anymore (even if they have half a plate full left). It is normal to feel satisfied when we have had enough to eat. You now know that if you want more later (when hunger comes back) you can simply have it... as now there is no deprivation and no telling yourself otherwise. You body has re-balanced and is getting back in touch with true hunger and satiety sensations.

It is really a brilliant feeling to be able to push aside leftovers because you have a feeling that no more food needs to be consumed at the time being. This ability is what most people with bulimia think is impossible to get back. However, with structured eating and learning to pay attention to your body once again, this process can return naturally.

You are an inspiration to other followers doing structured eating. You still need to keep working at listening to your body, this takes practice and commitment to fully master... but, soon you will not even think about it... it will be truly intuitive!

Well done once again,

Keep up the fantastic work!



Ali Kerr
Recovery is so very very possible!

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Thanks so much!!! I just hope

Thanks so much!!! I just hope it wasn't a one time occurance! I so appreciate this site and the support it offers!LEts hope the full feeling also works when it comes to trigger foods:)

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That's amazing! I am so

That's amazing! I am so jealous of you. I have yet to have that happen to me. How long have you been eating normally?

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One month anniversary is

One month anniversary is today! Thanks. I dont take it for granted and I am still conscious of the fact that each day is a struggle to get through. But its so important for me to plan my meals out the day before so i am eating often enough and enough calories to keep me away from binge behavior.

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i don't really know when i am full either

it is hard for me too especially if i follow the exchanges given to me by the dietitian. If i eat everything on the card at meal times like i should of course i feel uncomfortable yet i am supposed to eat everything on the plate because that is what my body is so confusing.

bulimic slave
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Full but wanting more

My problem is my body tells me when it's full, I just don't listen to it, this is what I want to stop. If I feel full I stop eating, but when I see something good I eat even when I know I'm stuffed. How do I stop this?

The mirror does not see the person inside

bulimic slave
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Full but wanting more

My problem is my body tells me when it's full, I just don't listen to it, this is what I want to stop. If I feel full I stop eating, but when I see something good I eat even when I know I'm stuffed. How do I stop this?

The mirror does not see the person inside

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Full, Wanting More.. yup..

Slave, I hear you.. I'm generally the same way. However, twice this week I couldn't eat everything on my plate. First in a restaurant, once at home..

The restaurant one is hard -- we're all products of our parents where we feel we HAVE to clean our plates or pack up the rest and take it home, or it's wasteful (how many heard the "starving children in Ethiopia" one!?). I'm teaching myself that No, I Don't have to eat it all on the spot OR take it home; 1) that waste isn't my problem -- the restaurant should serve the appropriate portion in the first place, 2) I'm paying for this experience, the conversation, the taste of something I wouldn't have at home, and 3) is it really being considerate of starving children/people to utterly stuff myself into oblivion in order to 'clean my plate'? Certainly not. And I know myself better and know if I take anything home, it'll be gone before the night's even done. So this week, I shoved away an extra flatbread slice. I shove fast, so they take it fast! But I'm proud nonetheless.

Battling the 'clean your plate' theory at home is a little harder, because you might be alone and in your comfort zone. My suggestion is to make it uncomfortable. If you normally read a magazine while eating, don't. If you normally eat on the couch, switch to the table. It makes you pay attention by not following a routine that could lead to a binge. And the biggies: slow down, and put your fork down after every bite (or two bites if it's, like, soup.. that'd be annoying!). It really helps, both home and restaurants! I think it gives your brain time to register the food, plus, it allows you to stay focused on the activity so you don't zone out and binge. You're forced to pay attention. This resulted in the first time ever, last night, realizing I was full. I scraped my plate in the trash for the first time in years. It was the most awesome feeling ever.

You can do it, chica!

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that is my problem too, i can

that is my problem too, i can feel full but there is still a thought of wanting more..."something sweet for afters"...sometimes i have resisted but if there is chocolate there or anything that tastes good i will eat-regardless of whether i am stuffed or hungry it doesn't matter. tonight i felt full half way through my meal, i slowly ate most of the rest and gave some to my dog. i suppose i thought if i didnt fill up with the salad and chicken (healthy stuff) then i would probably want more after. next goal is to leave a little on my plate if i feel full. and to relax for 15 20 mins after eating for my brain to register, i always tend to eat more straight after a meal!

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Feeling full

This is probably a bit odd but I find it much easier to physically feel how full or not I am by eating standing up, instead of sitting down. I still eat in quiet surroundings and focus on what I'm doing but standing up definately works for me - a bit difficult in a restaurant admittedly :)

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congradualtions!!! sounds like great sucesss!!!!!! it is possiblee!!!

sandra feels your pain.

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There was a point not too

There was a point not too long ago when I felt full for the first time in so long and I honestly almost cried with joy. The feeling was amazing and I just felt better all around. I hope I have more days like that to look forward to, when I was satisfied..I didnt even think of food and it was wonderful. I haven't been like that lately but i'm trying really hard to do the structured eating thing.

just hold my hand i think that would help.

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izabella i know what you mean

izabella i know what you mean about standing up! well i dont' eat standing up but i find its really really easily to just eat way more than you need and get overfull and then when you stand up you realise, but whilst your sitting its much easier to eat more without feeling "fat" or bloated i guess.

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