Bulimia Fact: Purging doesn't work

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Bulimia Fact: Purging doesn't work

So I totally get that these steps take time, but fact is this first one is a doozy. I mean, purging can't be pointless right?? We purge to rid ourselves of the calories and it works. I am absolutely not condoning purging, but this is so hard for my to wrap my head around. I just can't make myself accept it. Any advice on how you all got through this step, and what can I do to convince myself that purging doesn't work? Help!


Catherine Liberty
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Ah I think it's pointless in

Ah I think it's pointless in so many ways, it's getting ourselves to believe the facts that is the hard part. For years I believed purging was essential for me because it was the only way I would ever be able to maintain a normal weight, I believed that if I stopped I would become some kind of monster, how I came to that conclusion was this:

If I was having a 'good day' I would usually restrict and just eat one meal at night. But if I didn;t purge this one meal I would find myself gaining weight the very next day. So here I convinced myself of many untrue things, I would get fat without bulimia, my metabolism was messed up for good etc.

Of course purging does rid us of SOME calories, but it's never everything. It does offer a relief after massive binges, but you wouldnt need this relief if you were not bingeing. I used to binge so much and I believed afterwards I was purging every last thing, but if that was true I would have been emaciated or at least underweight, in reality I was none of these things.

What I have found is that I can eat 2000 calories every single day and have done for the past 15 months and not gain weight. Not need to binge and never feel stupidly hungry, that showed me how much purging was actually doing for me, NOTHING! All purging does is keeps us trapped in this cycle, it has such a massive hold over us because a lot of us believe it's keeping us thin or normal weight, or that it will do one day, when in fact it's so much easier to do this by learning to eat normally over time. Does your weight fluctuate a lot? When I was bulimic every day I was a different weight, since stopping purging, and bingeing of course I have been the same weight for over a year, and it's a happy place.

I think the bottom line is you will never trust that you can live without purging until you are able to see the results and benefits of not doing it for yourself, and that is hard place to get to I know. But if you can get there I know you'd be telling everyone else how pointless it really is too x x

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i know exactly what you are

i know exactly what you are saying... and how it sounds illogical.... I don 't count calories, so i can't give you a number, but i eat healthy food throughout the day... including vegetables, protien, carbs, and (omg) fats. I was at my highest weight when i was the most bulimic (i've never had anorexic tendencies), and it was so wierd becuase i'd purge so much and still was overweight. but once i stopped purging and did structured eating... i LOST weight. I'm in the healthy range now. So it is true.. Here are the facts about bulima - if you are underweight and you eat healthy, structured, don't purged ect then you will put on weight. If you are are overweight and you eat healthy, structured, don't purge etc then you will loose wieght. If you are normal weight and you eat healthy, strucutred, don't purge ect then you will stay about the same. I think it's to do with how messed up bulimia makes your metabolism... but it is true.. purging is pointless... but you also got to give your body time to adjust to the new way of eating... hang in there... IT IS WORTH IT!!!!

'I will not choose not to be'

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omg i just read what i

omg i just read what i wrote... my spelling is SHOCKING!!!!! lol

'I will not choose not to be'

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Catherine! The fact idea that

Catherine! The fact idea that you can eat 2000 calories every day and stay a normal weight astounds me! I am yet to let myself eat that much food per day! Sorry, I know this is not the point of the topic. Purging makes no difference to your body weight. I have pretty much been the same weight for the past 7 months, and in the last 3 weeks I have purged only once a week (compared to too many to count of previous months) and I am quite surprised that I weigh the same weight (give or take a kilo for bloating each month) even though I am exercising and purging so much less! it's the psychological release from purging that probably really makes the difference. But you can learn new ways of dealing with that.

Nicola C
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Don't forget that when you

Don't forget that when you are not purging you will not be so dehydrated so any weight gain when you stop purging can be put down to being properly hydrated not being fatter.

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