Chipmonk Cheeks. Advice, please??

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Chipmonk Cheeks. Advice, please??

So I know the obvious answer to this question is to stop the b/p cycle...but that's just not happening for me right now!

I was wondering if anyone has any tips or any insight as to what can make my jaw area less swollen? One of my biggest triggers is just feeling ugly, and recently, my whole jaw has swollen up. I know this is a stupid cycle. I wouldn't have the atrocious skin and Jay Leno jaw if I could just stop purging, but I also think it might be easier to stop if I had a little more confidence in my appearance.

Any advice?

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swollen glands go away!

What i do know for sure is that the more often you purge the larger your glands that whole "jay-leno" thing you say you have going on, well i have the same thing. I have been trying to cut back on the amount of times i b/p and especailly purge, and although my body may feel "fat" my face feels skinnier and the glands have lost the swell. it's such a nice feeling actually! Good luck are beautiful and CAN succeed!!


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Unfortunatley the swelling is

Unfortunatley the swelling is internal, so there is nothing you can do for it to go down, except less B/P. I'm sorry, I wish there was a better answer, but that is all you can do! You can put an icepack on the area, but that won't help it go down, that will just help with any pain.
Just keep focused and you WILL be rewarded with a slimmer face, amoungst a whole other bunch of wonderful and living!!

groovy chick
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How about working on your

How about working on your confidence in your appearance instead?

Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.

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Just found this on a website

Unlike an infection of the glands where a response to a course of antibiotics would flush out any bacterial invasion - facial swelling in the cheek and jaw regions due to bulimia is NOT curable using conventional medicines. The simple fact is as long as a person with bulimic tendencies continues to throw-up; she or he will always have signs of swelling in the facial area.

Vomiting damages the gland tissue by constant attack from the stomach acids. Swelling is a normal defense reaction to healing any irritation caused by vomiting. Most of this swelling is simply water retention in your glands, as well as the glands themselves working to over compensate the loss of fluid elsewhere in the body.

This means when you vomit, all you are doing is getting rid of the water from your glands such as Salivary glands & Parotid glands. Thus giving the impression of reduced swelling, but this is only temporary because your body immediately tries to repair the damaged glands and starts to retain water again - bringing about a vicious circle.

The only way to treat this is to stop vomiting all together, but gradually. For most bulimia sufferers like you, that means actually stopping the binges that takes place - which is far easier to control than the auto-reflex of vomiting.

More here:,-Purging-and-Your-Bulimia&id=19...

The only way to stop it is to starve it.

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I was just wondering about

I was just wondering about that. I have stopped b/p for 6 days straight now (holy cow!), but still have major swelling there and in my stomach...I was hoping that it would go away faster.

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my swollen jaw and cheeks

my swollen jaw and cheeks went down after not purging for about a week or two. but then this weekend i had a MASS three day binge/purging spree so i look totally chubby cheeks right now and i hope i can stop myself from doing it again so i can look normal soon! :p

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pamper the rest of yourself :)

"moon face", as I like to call my chubby and bloated visage, is a major trigger for me. I just think "ok, you're ugly, so why bother struggling?", or "my face is already swollen, so if I binge again, who's going to notice?".

I like completely starting again. That means: shower, conditioner in my hair, shave my legs, moisturise, neaten up my nails (hands and feet), put on some nice makeup (maybe make a feature of your eyes or lips to make you focus on what you like about yourself rather than the fact that you have swollen glands that you can't immediately do anything about), do some stretches, tidy up my room, put on my nicest clothes (clean, of course), DO NOT LOOK IN THE MIRROR (I know it's hard, but actually, it feels so much better if you make yourself look at other things instead of yourself, even if it's just the dust on your floor!), listen to some music if you're in the mood for it, drink some water, take some vitamins, and off you go!

sorry, that's rather a long and incoherent list, but I hope at least some of it helps, if not all :)

breathe slowly. anyone could have puffy glands for any reason, especially as it's getting colder now; people will not think "aha, a bulimic!" when you walk down the street. They will not even notice. Think about it: if boys can't tell when you've had a haircut, they won't notice a tiny swelling on your jaw.

take lots of care xxx

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I know

I know it sucks. Chipmunk cheeks is actually what pushed me into recovery. Sad, I know. You can try and put ice on it and if you aren't ready to let b/p go, you have to at least try to start by reducing the number of times that you do it. I used to do it 2-3x a day then went down to 3-4x a week and can almost do 1-2 times a week now. Just try to reduce it and the swelling goes down. Much love honey xoxox

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i've been recovered over a

i've been recovered over a year and my glands are still not normal. In fact i would say they are worse. hmmmmm

They were the reason i decided to recover

Scarlet Bones
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I suffer the same thing quite

I suffer the same thing quite badly. My head and face is permanently round, looks huge compared to the rest of my body and makes me feel like sh*t.

I know in myself that it goes down when I stop. My ankles and legs swell as does the very little bust I have and stomach. I hate it but the cycle continues nonetheless.

I find the more I swell, the more it makes me hate my appearance and the more I b/p as a result. Horrible situation to be trapped in. Each time I feel slim Im actually starving and then go on a b/p which then makes me feel fat. Its crazy and I sometimes wonder what the hell Im doing to myself. Its never enough to make me stop though. I hate seeing photos of my 'Kelly Osbourne' (no offence Kelly) face. :O(

♥ ♥ 'To be Perfect is to be Imperfect' ♥ ♥

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It is horrible, i always

It is horrible, i always think people are staring at me, and I don't even like looking at people to be honest.

It IS incentive to stop, because it made me stop eventually, everyone is individual and healing rates will differ with each person.

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You should all be thankful

You should all be thankful for your beautiful faces. I've never had "trouble" with chipmunk cheeks from bulimia, because I was born with the puffiest cheeks imaginable. No matter how much I recover, that will never go away, haha.
Anyway, be grateful you only have to put up with it temporarily :)

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