Damage to throat and voice-is it permanent?

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Damage to throat and voice-is it permanent?

I've done some bad damage to my vocal chords.

I was in denial bout the link between thorwing up and the gradual degredation of my singing voice until my speaking voice was beginning to disappear aswell. I tried and tried to stop the b/p cycle for nearly a year and finally have been in recovery albeit a couple of mishaps since the start of December. I haven't thrown up since then and I thought it would be so much more repaired by now. My talking voice is much better but any strain at all, like talking over loud music and being in a smokey area even near a bbq and it gets really hard to even speak. I used to be part of a band which I loved and we've all got back together again recently but I cant sing any of the high notes it's really embarassing and demorilising .I wish my voice would go back to he way it was so much.

It's slowly showing improvement, At the minute I can physically feel the area inside my throat around my adams apple if girls have an adams apple that is, it feels swolen it always feels like that. even more so when I drink hot drinks or talk for a long period of time. I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this and recovered completely? and if singing is out of the question forever.?


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Just a thought...

See if maybe you can find a speech therapist who specialises in voice problems. I'm a speech therapist but i don't work in this field. If you can find a speech therapist who does, i think she would be able to help you - i terms of figuring out precisely what the damage is and helping to fix it.

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Thank you for the advice, I

Thank you for the advice, I have been referred to see a speech therapist but Ive been on a waiting list for ages . I think I'll go to see someone privatly before then though .

Thanks again..saw your status congrats on 6 months ! :)


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I believe I'm having the same

I believe I'm having the same problem. Although I'm not a singer, I find my voice sounding scratchy every now and then, but more often than not. At school I dread on being called to read aloud, due to the fact that when I speak, my voice sounds very raspy and hoarse. I've been doing a little research on this and based on what I've read, bulimia may cause severe damage to the entire throat area, including the esophagus, vocal chords, etc. I'm praying that the damage isn't permanent. I think I'm going to officially stop vomiting. I feel so embarrassed at school due to the fact that I'm beginning to think that people can tell I make myself throw up.

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