Did anyone have a massive acne break out during recovery?

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Did anyone have a massive acne break out during recovery?

Did anyone break out like mad during their recovery process? Of course there are B/Ps, but dang!

Holy crap, for a good few weeks, I had pimples all over the place. Looked like somone was playing that boardgame risk and using my face! Thankfully, they're diminishing one by one, but it was embarassing just to walk out. However, I kept reminding myself people only care about themselves at the end of the day, so I just continued walking out my door with no foundation.

Tell me what you guys went through.

I am measured by value, not by success!

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Im currently breaking out all over my nose. my skin is starting to replenish its natural oils, and i guess my body isnt used to that yet (?) im just using rediculous amounts of spot treatment creams but otherwise i just hope it stops soon!

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Hey, looks like the body is working!

From what I researched, it's the hormones, but isn't that great? It looks like the body working even after all those years of abuse. So kiss that body because it knows you're taking care of it!

I am measured by value, not by success!

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same issue...these past few weeks i have really been breaking out too. and not just little zits, like painful, under the skin gross fuckers. i thought it was maybe the makeup i was using and/or the change in weather, but now i am thinking it is due to my normal eating pattern.

i decided to start taking vitamins to ensure that i am getting the proper nutrients. one mulit-vitamin, and another made especially for improving the skin. i have also tried to drink more water as i know that flushes out toxins.

the breakouts seems to be clearing up, but i don't want to get to confident in case i get another flare-up. do you know how long normally takes for the skin mellow out?


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Zits galore, eh?

It varies from person to person. Personally, it took me a whole month. I didn't bother with foundation 'cause it just ploggs my pores, but I was embarrassed. I am happy it toned done.

What I didn't like was having that gut sticking out. For a whole month I looked like a starving person with a a gigantic belly. lol, it was funny.

I am measured by value, not by success!

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Wow..how crazy! Yah, I've

Wow..how crazy! Yah, I've also noticed crazy breakouts the past monthof recovery. I started to use tea tree oil and added it to my toner. Day 3 think its helping..will let you know. 5 weeks later though and I am no longer bloated which is exciting!

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IDK if it's because of my not b/ping but...

I'm only on day 3, and my skin is breaking out terribly! I mean, I've never had acne problems ever, because I have the same genes as my mother, until now have I ever had anything remotely close to a breakout. It's sorta scary, I hope it fixes itself soon, I don't wanna have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on face cleaners and spot treatments and whatnot. All I've ever used is liquid hand soap, foot scrub[on my face yes], and moisturizer.

Slr + Acs

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This is why I love this

This is why I love this website....I was thinking to myself the other day "wow, why am I so spotty?". I've always had really clear skin!

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haha i had no idea! i'll bet that is why my skin is being ridiculous right now.

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i broke out in acne when i started to recover

i have naturally clear skin when i had bulimia and i was really ill, my skin broke out in spots and i gt impatigo al over my face. it was awful.
when that all cleared up, i then started to get huge spots, one at a time. it was awful. now when i'm sick my skin breaks out in spots.

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Me too!

I looked like the Faces of Meth commercial- they were so infected and disgusting. I was on mass rounds of antibiotics because one was so deeply infected, it spread all over my face. I was a really ocd picker. Now it's weird, I'm doing a better job of leaving my skin alone, but it's because I care less- not in a good way though. Balance isn't my forte, thats for sure. My skin as a rule, has never been all that great, but from not picking it looks decent. But with everyone on here talking about getting bad breakouts, I'm really scared- it's one thing to have the awful weight gain, but to have shitty skin on top of it?? That really makes for a scary combo :(

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Me too..

I actually started getting really bad break-outs when I became bulimic. Now I'm still always spotty and my skin freak out when I b/p more. I was actually hoping recovery would let my skin return to normal, but I guess its the opposite!

I also get impetigo too, but I started getting it before bulimia so I've always had to deal with it. Its so gross it makes me just want to hide away for a week.

Take care of today and tomorrow will take care of itself.

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me too

i have managed a third day of no purging - i feel very uncomfortable with how i look - but although my eating hasn't been great this is the first time in well over a month when i've gone even a day without purging so it's a start

my skin has been terrible too - feel very self conscious about this and know that it is more noticeable than any weight gain / loss

i guess at some point when i start treating my body well it will start to look well too - i still find it hard to make that motivate me though

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greeeaaattttt........ haha

unfortunately, I have always seemed to have pretty bad breakouts simply due to my genetics. when i became bulimic I definitely noticed way more breakouts so, of course, logically, i thought that recovery from bulimia would also mean recovery from acne..... unfortunately I was wrong. I had a huge business banquet/conference this weekend and since my performance has been falling way down lately, my bosses decided to sit me at a table with completely new representatives. I'm talking fresh out of school representatives who have never sold anything but girl scout cookies in their entire lives. To add to the humiliation of being stuck at the "kiddie" table, I've got a jackson pollock connect the dots game sprawled across my face. Damnit. Not only did I have to sit with the newbies but my face definitely made me look the part as well.

sorry for the terribly long rant

long story short, yes, I have too experienced the epic breakout affect of bulimia and recovery.


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Now I understand!!!

I had major breakouts this summer but I didnt understand why! Now I do lol! I always had a very beautiful skin but this summer I couldnt even get out of the house without wearing makeup! My self confidence was sooooo looooow! I thought the only thing people were looking at was my pimples. Not cool when your are workin as a beauty adviser in the cosmetic departement of a pharmacy!

Here are some advices:
Drink a lot of water (eliminates the toxins), use a good cleanser, toner and anti-imperfection moisturiser twice daily (normaderm by vichy is my personal favorite). Panoxyl also does an A-MA-ZING job, but it really dries your skin.
To cover it, use CoverFX products. These are made by dermatologists and used to be sold only in hospitals. They wont cause you more breakouts and contain a lot of vitamins which helps your skin to heal even faster. Plus they have maaaanny colors, u'll find yours for suuuure. The harry potter cast uses these products because even with high-tech cameras, it looks very natural. They are Canadian products so im not sure they are available in the US but I know you can order they at sephora.com.

Priscilla xx

Miss H
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but the longer you keep up

but the longer you keep up with recovery, the better your skin gets.
for the first time in about a year, i don't have loads of spots. and my spots used to really hurt. big, sore, red, ugly spots. now my skin is the clearest it has been in ages and ages and ages.
it's worth a little weight gain in my opinion...

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I go through phases where my

I go through phases where my skin is really clean and then i will get acne outbreaks, on my back too and my skin will get greasy, i put it down to hormones and stuff, but also diet, i try and refrain from too much sugar and never eat chocolate as this is a contributing factor. I think girls probably suffer more because of their menstreul cycle

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me too!

yup. I am on roaccutane it got so bad. I think it was because of all the fasting and eating crap after a fast. I am now trying to eat food that makes me feel good. Today I started to spoon it in fast and I just said....no, this is going to take you some time, and started chewing. Wow - forgot what i was like not to hovel in food in my mouth. Yeh, acne is the worst part of it all.

We, of that time, are no longer the same.

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If you're underweight and

If you're underweight and your periods stop, several doctors have told me, your body thinks it's in menopause. Similarly, once you gain and become normal weight, your body will think, hey ho, time for puberty! So your periods will start and you'll probably break out in zits - which just goes to show how resilient our bodies are, despite all we've put ourselves through. But it won't last forever, thank god!

~Solidarity is strength~

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...All the more reason not to

...All the more reason not to keep our weight below normal, nor making our weight fluctuate wildly, because then we keep ourselves in a premature menopausal state or swing between early menopause and late puberty. Not a lot of fun!

~Solidarity is strength~

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