Does anyone else get panic attacks??

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Does anyone else get panic attacks??

Sometimes after a binge or in a (very short) recovery process I'll have intense panic attacks where my blood runs cold and I feel like I'm going to die. It's weird how irrational I know I am, but I can't seem to control my feeling of 'doom'. Does anyone else have this?

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yes..scary xx has happened

yes..scary xx has happened afew times

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well it's a relief to know

well it's a relief to know that i'm not alone
stay strong and if you ever need someone to relate/vent to, i'm here :)

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yes x

argh- panic attacks are the most horrible thing...
The worst ones are in public places; the other day I was at my uni library and thought I had lost my purse so had to lock myself in the disabled toilets. I don't feel like I am going to die but get insanely paranoid that people can hear me outside; and that if I open the door something completely terrifying is going to happen. Other times I'll just get really manic and fly around a room crying uncontrollably repeating one sentence over and over or start unpacking and packing things repeatedly.
i get super anxious alot too; even if I don't have a panic attack I'll have that horrible feeling of doom even though I have nothing to be anxious about...
I know they're terrible and it's so hard knowing there is nothing (really) to be anxious about, but you can't stop it!!
are you on any anti-anxiety medication? Xx

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wow - these are more common

wow - these are more common that i'd imagined. I hope it puts yawls minds at ease a little- it makes me feel less 'panicky' knowing that it's all in my head and i'm not alone. if yawl are ever scared or having a panic attack, i'm here to relate and maybe help you pull through it-
i've heard meditating helps...only i've got to actually put forth the effort to do it...i'll let ya know how that goes.. hah

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Happens to me rarely.. But

Happens to me rarely.. But yesterday I was at my in-laws for my sis'in'laws bday.,. and as soon as the cake came out after dinner, a freaked my heart felt so tight, and my breaths became short and laboured... I had to lock myself in the bathroom and try to calm myself and take a couple deep breaths.. I wish I had stayed in there till the cake was gone....

I don't feel like I'm gonna die, but I wish I could just run away!

Life is too short to not be happy

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I completely understand you-

I completely understand you- whenever there are birthdays or any type of get-together it seems like there is always cake or icecream or pizza.. and people make you feel so guilty for trying to refuse anything. I know we can't control anyone's else's party-food choices, but I know for my birthday I told everyone NOT to get me a cake and that all I wanted was balloons (hah I know seems weird but it worked!) and when I go to other's parties I always bring some chopped up fruit or veggies without ranch or anything. Even though I'm known as 'fruit bandit' it doesn't bother me because I know that I won't bp when I'm around friends/family.

Anyway, sorry that was so long, I just want to help as much as I can because I know how it feels when your heart sinks and everyone around is trying to feed you constantly.
It's hard to refuse food from others at first, but it will get easier - I'm here for you! Hope you're feeling better

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gotta keep runn'in

Never thought about it as a panic attack, but do often get the urge to run away from social situations, just have to leave the building, room, party, etc - doesn't help the work situation much! Maybe the Phantom is my alter ego : -) .

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I often get panic attacks, I

I often get panic attacks, I have an anxiety disorder which is why my bullimia started in the first place, it was a form of control.. I hate social situations half the time i try to avoid them as best as possible, even when i'm at a party.. I end up taking myself off to a quiet room for a little while.
Agoraphobia isn't fun :(!

If you're going through hell, keep going. -Winston Churchill

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