Eating and nausea

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Eating and nausea

Hi everyone

I'm new and know I've seen a lot of posts about bloating and digestion problems, but... I am struggling so so much! My first 2 days of being b/p free I was okay, but the 3rd and 4th days were hell! I felt so full after a normal meal and kept burping for hours after. The food kept wanting to come back up and I felt extremely sick. I can handle the bloating, but the feelings of nausea I just cannot. I could really use some advice/support. Should I try consuming liquids first and gradually move up to solids?

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Yes, I still have this problem even though I have gone over a month without a bp. It will slowly come down from that. You want to eat as slowly as humanly possible and drink lots of water with your meals. This will help with the burping and the digestive problems. I had to eliminate a lot of foods, and even still, from my diet until my belly could handle them again.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply! A month

Thanks for the reply! A month sounds soooo long! I've had bulimia for 10 years though, so i guess I can't expect recovery overnight. If you don't mind me asking, what were some foods you had to eliminate? What foods are easy to digest?

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I'm so glad to hear that

I'm so glad to hear that others are also suffering with nausea! Thats one of my issues at the moment, after I've eaten I just feel so sick and full. After purging just a little bit of the food I normally feel better, how do I stop this? Does that really naseas feeling ever go away?

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Easier today than yesterday

I did the same thing yesterday. I had to purge a little bit of food, so my stomach would feel better.
Although I'm still having digestion problems, today has bee a lot better. I think when I started, I was just trying to eat normal sized healthy meals. Today I totally changed everything. I am only eating soft and easy to digest types of foods, and smaller amounts. I think it's a learn as you go process, as far as what foods you can handle and what foods you can't(it might be a little different for averyone). I learned yesterday, that although healthy, vegetables(cooked or raw) are difficult for me to digest. Also, tomatoes and tomatoe sauce are difficult. On the other hand, things like toast and scrambled eggs are a lot easier. I also bought some bananas, applesauce, and soup but I haven't tried those yet. I got some ginger tea as well, and it seems to really help my digestion when I drink it with a meal.
The idea i think is to start small with foods you can handle, and then gradually introduce new foods into your diet. At this point though, I just eat what my body can handle. I'm not thinking about the calories, nutrition value, or anything. The only thing I think about is whether or not I'm going to feel good after eating.
Hope this helps!

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hey there, same here

hey there, same here ..

having much trouble the hours AFTER eating. Mostly i am fine in the morning hours, but then after lunch my food keeps coming back for like 2 hours long.
So the food comes back in the mouth, and that's very horrible ( i guess my reflux is very soft?? )

Anyway; my dietician told me to have more warm food, that's good for your system, and also chew chew chew. Eat up to 60% to prevent nausea.

I am prepared that my recovery will take perhaps one year, so every bump like nausea thing is encountered.

It's hard.

love of life

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