help with urinating too much

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help with urinating too much

i'm not sure if this is a common side effect - or if certain food / drink in the diet can cause these urges to use the bathroom too much.

I have been drinking more, I suppose, especially as the hotter weather comes here...but still, I find it frustrating that I always need to go to the restroom and at night, I must go at least like 10 times.

Is there any natural remedy or drink that could help to combat this?

Thank you all for any advice/support! xoxo

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You may have an overactive

You may have an overactive bladder. I had this and it is fixable. Not sure if it is related to bulimia though. I wondered the same. Things like caffeine and certain foods can aggrevate it but you should get it checked out as it's very annoying I agree. Good luck!

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