How has bulimia affected your teeth?

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bulimic slave
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How has bulimia affected your teeth?

I always read about how bulimia affects teeth, but my teeth are ok, my wisdom teeth are even growing in. Ive been bulimic for 3years now.

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been bulimic for 13 years-

been bulimic for 13 years- vomiting anywhere from 3 times a week to 200 times a week. I have nice teeth. Rinse your moth out with something like milk or baking soda (ASAP) to neutralize the acid.

And- yes my teeth are nice- but this past year and a half- i have noticed they have started to chip and the enamel is wearing down my lower botton tooth- not enough for people to notice-unless they really look- but from far away- my teeth look nice.

i also dont drink soda and i try not to puke till bile comes up- i always figure its better to keep some calories than have rotted teeth.

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No one can see the damage

No one can see the damage done to my teeth, but it's also been awhile since I went to the dentist. But I always rinse with mouthwash after a b/p. But I feel(whether it's all in my head or not) that my teeth are weaker.. It's also affected my eyes though, Now I wear glasses where as a year ago I had PERFECT vision, and purging make smy eyes sore, and gives me a preassurized headache.

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Miss H
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very very sensitive

My teeth are SOOOOOO sensitive. I now use a enamel restoring toothpaste. It is so painful eating anything cold. I also recently had a root canal but I think that was probably more to do with the sugar than the purging.

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horrible teeth

I have been bulimic for about 15 years, over the last 3 years I have noticed a considerable difference in my teeth. I can practically see through my two front teeth and I have chips on almost all of them in the front.

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I have been Bulimic for about 3 years and have noticed my teeth are more sensitve to hot/cold. Also had 2 cavities last time I went to the dentst:(

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been bulimic for 6 years. my

been bulimic for 6 years. my teeth r clear and sensitive :(

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bye bye beautiful smile

bulimic also for 10 years.. front teeth trasparent, and all teeth chipped.. and haven't been to a dentist for 2 years. i know i have so much work that needs to be done and know that i can't afford it:( eventually pretty veniers are gonna be the way to go.


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Oh my...

My teeth are terrible. I can almost see through my front teeth at the bottom of them. One of them looks like it's not holding on much longer. They are no way near a nice bright shade of white... quite the opposite. They feel so sensitive that they hurt all the time. I am scared what the dentist will say next time because over the past year they have got so much worse. I have always had bad teeth though, so I was doomed from the beginning I guess.

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My teeth look ok but they do

My teeth look ok but they do get really sensetive to hot/cold etc! :s

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weak teeth

I have been bulimic for a long time ago.
My teeth are very sensitive to cold drinks.
My dentist said a lot of times, that my teeth look very fragile (vomiting and lack of calcium, i guess).

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my teeth are kind of yellow..

my teeth are kind of yellow.. and kind of sensitive.. they have chipped a little bit (the ones in the bottom)

bulimic slave
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My wisdom teeth have decided to start their own nation and are growing in way out compared to my other teeth, my mom says i should go to the dentist and get them yanked out, if i do this, will the dentist be able to tell i'm Bulimic? i just gotta remove these teeth

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I've been bulimic

I've been bulimic for 12-13 years, and I can tell you that my mouth is full of fillings. I definitely think the bulimia led to the condition of my mouth.

hi hi
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my teeth are ok... i whiten

my teeth are ok... i whiten them with crest strips so it helps disguise any discolorations. they're starting to become more transparent but aesthetically, they're holding up. i do, however, notice that i am getting more cavities. i met a girl who's teeth were so yellow in the front but even worse on the backsides... it looked like a brownish-yellowish film over her teeth. after seeing that, i got worried. i use enamel-restoring toothpaste and mouthwash. i heard it's not good to use toothpaste/mouthwash immediately after a purge... i rinse with water and brush later.

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The bottoms of my front teeth look clear, I hate it...

Im very self conscious about my teeth because I can see the damage that has been done. On the bottom of my two front teeth, the enamel is thin and Im so scared that one day, I might break my teeth or have them chip or something. Also, all my teeth hurt really bad. Chewing gum is even painful and I would give anything to take back the damage that has been done to my mouth.


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My teeth are horrible.. I

My teeth are horrible..
I cant eat or drink anything cold
and ,y teeth are beginning to turn yellow.
Is there anything i can do to stop this???

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Firstly it depends on why

Firstly it depends on why they are turning yellow, i'm alittle crazy about my teeth at the moment because i have braces and can't stop look at my teeth!

If its due to enamal loss, to avoid further damage you need to follow these steps:

DON'T BRUSH your teeth straight after eating or vomitting,

Instead use a mix bicarbonate of soda+water to squish mouth out with, (buy in from home baking section)

If you don't have it to hand then squish with water.

Then wait at least 30 mins to an hour before brushing

Use a good toothpaste for sensitive teeth i find Colgate Sensitive really good you can also get an emal protect one that may be good for you.

Use a fluoride mouthwash (look for one that has at least 0.5% / 225ppm F fluoride)

Make sure to check because you'll be suprised by how low the amounts in the really expensive ones can be! some mouthwashes are just designed to give minty breath! so the number is really important if you want to protect your teeth.

During the day use a mouthwash like Colgate Plax alcohol free, this you can use twice a day depending how often you brush, but i just use this is the morning

Last thing before bed use a re-mineralising mouthwash, there should be plenty of these but the brand i know again is Colgate, (i was given a starter pack with my braces and have stuck with the brand!)

Its called, Colgate FluoriGard Fluoride Rinse Alcohol Free, which is to be used once a day at night
(thats why i suggested getting another other type for use during the day if you wish)
i can seem expensive but you only use 10ml of it a day so it lasts.

This all in all won't make your teeth white if the enamal is gone, or if the yellowness is from other causes such as Coffee, tea, sugary drink, smoking ect, but it defiantly will protect from any further damage.

Hope this helps :)

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My Teeth were perfect back in

My Teeth were perfect back in the day. I have been bulimic for 10 years and within the last 3 years I have noticed a HUGE difference! The entire time I have been sick I have used mouth wash and baking soda and maybe it has really help but I guess I cant tell the diff. now. I def. recommend using these methods but more importantly get help and get better! As of now my teeth are all chipped and I can see through most of them. I go to the dentist every few months and have spent hundred maybe thousands of dollars on repair (bondage and such). The repairs make my teeth look better short term but within a few months all of the purging causes them to fall apart again! One day I would like to get veneers but until I stop purging thats not an option. Dont fool yoursef. At first you dont notice any changes but once you are sick for a while things start to change... I hate ED!

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I've been bulimic for 2 years

I've been bulimic for 2 years now. My bottom teeth are all fine. All my teeth are white. I go to the dentist regularly and they say I have nice teeth. I haven't had any cavities in like 6 years and that's before I was even bulimic.
HOWEVER, my top 2 middle teeth and the 2 on either side of them have been eroded from behind and I have dents in them now...when I touch them with my tongue from behind it actually feels like I have a tiny hole on the one of them. I asked my dentist (who doesn't know I'm bulimic) about it and he said it's nothing to worry about. But I do worry about it and I KNOW it's from bulimia.

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I have the same dents, and I

I have the same dents, and I agree that they are from the bulimia. My dentist also said the same thing, that I was "fine," but I know the bulimia caused it.

I have noticed that my teeth are getting a bit more clear. My bottom teeth are starting to look whitened and weathered around the tops, and one has even chipped a bit.

And I've only been bulimic for less than two years.

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I can relate..

I can so relate to you guys!! A couple of years ago i got diagnosed with anorexia nervosa but being stuck in hospital for the past 4 years has turned that into bulimia nervosa!! I recently went to the dentist && the shock look on her face horrofied me!! My teeth are extremly sensitive now && i have to wear this clear mouth guard thing throughout the day for a temporary time till I can control the purging!! Which is so hard!! I dont do it when im out of hospital but in hospital coz they make us eat so much food it just comes back up without me doing anything!! I drink water && that comes back up!! I dont know what to do!! Im so scared im only young && need my teeth!! The dentist also said I would need root canals or im going to need new teeth, think they call them veneeirs or something!! I really wish I could turn back time!!

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I paid a financial and physical price!!!

I paid a huge dental price for bulimia. I was floored when I went to my dentist about 4 years ago and he told me I had done over $5000 worth of damage to my teeth. He ever so politely told me that all the cavitites, root canals, crowns, cracks, and sensitivities I had were a result of purging!!!
This kicked me back into shape for awhile until I relapsed about 14 months ago. My new dentist told me in November that I had done another $1000 worth of damage to my teeth from purging and restricting.
I have to go to the dentist on Monday because my recent episode caused me to weaken my teeth again and I finally broke a front tooth while purging about two weeks ago. So now I have to pay the price again. I honestly think if I don't quit soon I will have dentures by the time I am 30!!! Ugh!!

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3-4 years

I've only been bulimic for about 3-4 years, but the tips of my teeth have all eroded slightly. I havent been to a dentist in years. It was before i became bulimic. So that might be a reason. But i do brush my teeth twice daily and after i purge if i can i would brush my teeth.


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When I went to the dentist in

When I went to the dentist in December, I had to get 5 cavities filled!!

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My top teeth are dark yellow

My top teeth are dark yellow in places. I took a picture with my digital camera and cried.

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My top teeth are all eroded

My top teeth are all eroded at the back, my front two teeth are really thin and one of the chipped so I had to have a filling on the front of the tooth.

I have virtually no bite left (my teeth are all smooth on the top surface). Bulimia does mess them up horribly. The time it takes to make the damage completely depends on how strong your teeth are to begin with. It vaires so much from a few months to 10 years to start showing.

Best way is to STOP before the damage is done, I'd do anything to have my teeth back to normal...

Giant Fluffy Bu...
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ive been bulimic for less

ive been bulimic for less than two years
already had one wisdom tooth decay and a piece break off.
got that fixed, now feel a sizeable cavity on another molar
i was always prone to cavities, and i have a feeling bulimias just made me more prone
my teeth are very sensitive now as well. i tried ice cream. it hurt.

going to the dentist made me accountable to someone though, so i do plan to go back to him, once i regain the courage, to get this new cavity dealt with.

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Belumic for 6 years

My teeth are a right mess, and the sad thing is people used to comment how lovely teeth were when I was a secondary school. I never needed braces or anything. I have noticed two dark yellow patches on my two front teeth of late, im petrified this is the start of the rotting process at THE Forefront of my smile, nightmare, and Im not married yet, god knows what they will look like by the time I get a ring on my finger never mind walking up the ailse. One of my back teeth have fallen out and I have holes and god knows how many fillings at this stage. I get terrible toothache aswel. Not good

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Bulimic for 9 years

I am 24 and have been bulimic for the past 9 years. Well, anorexia dominated that first year but bulimia has been both my best friend and my worst enemy ever since. I've been pretending for the last two years that I am "recovered". Those close to me think that I am. I am not. The secrecy of those first few years has come right back to haunt me. I am not bingeing and purging anywhere near as much as I used o but the last few weeks have been particularly difficult. Here is why:
I am a 'successful', 'attractive' young woman with a respectable government job. Last week I underwent surgery to have ALL of my back teeth removed. They were so eroded form the purging, the litres of diet soda and the chewing gum. I am horrified. YES bulimia is BAD for your teeth. My front teeth aren't great. I never cared nor thought about the effects bulimia would have on me. I thought it happened to other people. I also once thought bulimia was something that hapened to other people. Not me. Not true. It happens. It is hard. I have no idea what I am going to do now. The cost of the surgery (it is not covered by my health insurance) has maxed out my credit card and wiped out my savings. My partner and I are supposed to be buying a house and gettin gexcited about the future.
I can't believe I have made myself sick this last week even with the stitches in my mouth. Even though my gums bleed and it hurts so much. I've learned that I binge to stop me from thinking (my mind goes a million miles an hour) and to stop me from facing other things in life. It's the one time I'm on auto pilot. When I purge I feel lighter. But ultimately I feel empty and ill and I can feel it slowly killing me, killing my spirit, killing my boyfriend's belief that "I just have a yucky belly"
I've joined here today because I finally rcognised that No- I'm not recovered. Yes I've taken many many steps along the road but this is a setback.
I need support, I need help. But ultimately I want to stop anyone else from having experienced what I have- Please, don't do it to yourself.

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Before all this began I used

Before all this began I used to have naturally really white teeth- they used to be a little bit sensitive, but as I got older they recovered. I have been bulimic for about 2yrs now, and I have noticed differences- although they are not huge. My teeth are much more sensitive to hot/cold, and they have become slightly see-through at the edges. They are not so white anymore, and they don't feel so smooth-but more porous....but maybe thats psychological [the porousness, not the lack of smoothness]. I need to see the dentist soon I think.

On a random side note- does anyone else have recurring dreams about bad teeth or teeth falling out etc? It seems to be something I dream about frequently :S

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