Pains and muscle spasms

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Pains and muscle spasms

Okay so I keep getting these muscle spasm in the backs of my legs, which i've been told is from malnutrition, but i'm also getting them in my chest and my stomach, along with sharp pains, and what feels like a stitch in several places. These last a long time. Yesterday I ate a small meal and it happened for a few hours after that, whereas today I binged and purged and I have it all now since I purged, so i'm not sure exactly what it is. Has this happened to anyone else? And why does it happen?

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I had pains in the backs of

I had pains in the backs of my legs recently and just thought that I was developing varicose veins or something.....its like a dull ache. Sometimes feels like hot candle wax trickling down the backs of my legs but it seems to have disappeared now in the last few weeks.

Similarly I get palpitations or pains in my stomach at night. First of all I thought it was like a hernia or gallstones or something but I doubt it is in reality and just horrible side effects of this crazy e.d.

I get the shakes and weakness where I can barely stand, sometimes feel like Im dying and breathless but this is a) malnutrition like you mention and b) potassium loss from purging which can be lethal. Get it checked out. Bulimia can be a killer and not to be taken lightly.
Be careful xxx

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my hands are constantly

my hands are constantly shaking, it varies from really lightly to shaking where im scrambling to hide it somehow. im guessing its more from the malnutrition, but i get twitches in my legs and feet ALL THE TIME! i was wondering if i had restless leg syndrome or something! also sometimes i have to think in order to theres something tight in my chest and i cant breathe in deeply and completley fill my lungs. i have no clue why though, any ideas??

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