Throat Pains

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Throat Pains

Hey all
So i have been experiencing stabbing, excrusiating pains in the top of my throat, but only when i swallow. Obviously this is realted to bulimia, but does anyone know exactly what this is?

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I dont know, but your hair

I dont know, but your hair looks really cute! How do you get it to do that?

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I get that, sometimes it feel

I get that, sometimes it feels like I have something sharp in my throat that stabs into me when I swallow. Please see a doctor, though you have probably just irritated the back of your throat or scratched it. I use get Difflam - an anticeptic throat spary that helps ease it a little (it has a mild anaesthetic) and it is also good to stop infections. It should go away in a couple of days if you take care of yourself
Hope you feel better soon

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thanks jen i'll loo0k into to

thanks jen i'll loo0k into to the throat spray!

and celinabea: thanks :) my friend interns for a hair dresser and i was the guinea pig for a wedding hair style!

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