When does bulimia bloat go away?!?

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When does bulimia bloat go away?!?

OK seriously... the bloat...when does it go?? Is it really possible that I will look 5 months pregnant for the rest of my life?

I haven't binged in over 2 weeks now and i'm wondering if maybe i stretched out my guts so bad that they will never go back to normal?? People who are farther ahead of me in recovery, when did yours start to go down? I'm really annoyed. I've been happy with my progress in almost every other way but this just seems to be getting worse!! Nothing makes the swelling go down! I've tried extra water...smaller meals...tea...eating less beans/fruit...
I feel like maybe if it gets any worse I can start balancing things on it like a shelf soon!

Yeah, I know, I used to eat ALL KINDS of crap...in addition to the sheer volume of all that binge food, there was laxatives, a zillion supplement pills and for a while last year I was eating like 3 days' worth of fiber powder all in one shot (what a stupid idea! do not try -- bloats you like NONE ELSE and feels horrible). So I know I've been mean to my insides. :( I just hope all that abuse didn't cause permanent stretched-out tummy. Nothing de-rails my motivation to keep on recovering like, oh, the possibility of PERMANENTLY LOOKING FAT. boo :(

Catherine Liberty
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Hey lovely. Please please

Hey lovely.

Please please hang in there! The bloat is such a hard thing to have to live with but it will be over soon. It seems to vary for everyone, I had my bloating for a whole month, it was horrible but I just tried to not look at it whatsoever, easier said than done I know.

I know other girls only had it for a about a week but most people seem to say 3-4 weeks that I've seen. The longest Ive ever read about here was 6 weeks. I know you can make it through this, after this time your body will be so healthy and things will never seem quite that hard again. I love your status by the way too, that's a great way to think about things. I find with positive thinking that sometimes you have to think of the positive way to look at things and then tell it to yourself so much that you actually start believing in it :)

Good luck with day 15 x x

I am Lisa
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For me it took 5 weeks. After

For me it took 5 weeks. After that I only have it on occasion if I eat something that my body find hard to digest. Hang in there I KNOW it is horrible but think of it as your own personal protection! I referred to it as my airbag:)

I take one day at a time to overcome something
that has been forever on my mind

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hey - yeh, I've had a similar

hey - yeh, I've had a similar experience to those above.

Another thing though- in recovery, as time's gone on I've become much more accepting of my body. I even see things that I like, or that I think others won't be disgusted by. This is a far cry from yesteryear. Hang in there, the bloat will go down...and your perception will also become more realistic, which will improve things further =)

Das Leben ist Bunt

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Oh the bloat. It is not fun

Oh the bloat. It is not fun but it does go away. Mine went away after about 3 weeks. I know it is hard but just try to ignore it. Your body has to heal. It will get easier I promise!

Miss H
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i think it takes a little

i think it takes a little while for your system to recover. i still get the occasional bloat now. and think i'll probably have IBS for as long as i live. but 100% definitely things improve if you stop bingeing and purging. one thing i found hard at first was although i wasnt purging, i was still probably overeating. and overeating can cause bloating too. so now when i bloat it's probably coz i've overeaten.
but keep up with the recovery. because not only does the bloating go, but the depression and sadness that go hand in hand with bulimia also die down... life gets better. truly.

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@Catherine: Thanks, you are

@Catherine: Thanks, you are so sweet. I will try to be patient...I just feel like crawling out of my skin... that huge bump! oh well, still preferred to bingeing i guess...

@Lisa: haha the airbag! i like that :)

@dlib/bri: Thanks... hope I get to that "easier" point soon...

@Miss H: thanks for the encouragement... yeah, i haven't purged for over 1.5 years now, and even when i was purging it was exercising combined with fasting, instead of vomiting (not that it was fun, in the gym, with paper and pencil, exercising "out" every last calorie)... So I may have escaped some of the potential damage from vomiting. But I was still bingeing until two weeks ago...so I know that's gotta be what's causing the bloat...argh frustrating... anyway, thanks <3

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do you just get the bloat in

do you just get the bloat in your tummy??
or did anyone else get what i have which is, full body bloating!
i dont know if this is normal.

keep fighting

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Hey, It's gone down


It's gone down substantially since I wrote the post (but it's still there sometimes, esp. if I eat too much at one meal). What do you mean by full body bloating? When I get it, it's pretty much my whole abdomen - starting more or less right under my boobs, down to about my bikini line. Of course, it's fullest in the gut area. Basically I wind up looking like I'm 2nd- or 3rd- trimester pregnant. Bleh.

While it can and does make me FEEL bloated all over, I've never really noticed it /actually/ bloating me anywhere but that area. Where are you bloating? I'm willing to bet it's water retention but I'm no expert.

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I'm 44 & have suffered off &

I'm 44 & have suffered off & on since a teenager...ughh! I started my early years being "fat" & being made fun of "every freakin day of my life" for years! Ohh, the mental scars. Even though I have been a size 8, I still have feelings that I'm going to gain weight since my hysterectomy. My bo is a petite guy & has mentioned enough that he likes petite/small women. He is an awesome guy & DOES reinforce consistantly that my personality prevails over a few gained pounds. I do keep a check on it. His mom had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer & is at her end stage now. Due to the stress of it all, I had gone through a relapse, off & on for the last couple of weeks...ending last weekend. I have been going nuts regarding the BLOAT THING & am so glad to hear about a positive result. This has been good therapy for me to read your comments. Thank you for helping me, good luck & your all adorable!

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