8 False Fears holding you back from recovery. Which ones are affecting you?

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1. You fear you are mentally unwell and will never recover. 

No one wants to think they have a mental illness.

It can be a terrifying thought and can really undermine your confidence of ever recovering.

But there is one VERY important point that needs to be made.

Bulimia creates mental health issues, not the other way round.

Being bulimic makes you anxious, depressed, miserable, obsessive, compulsive and moody and because of this bulimia has been labelled a mental illness.

Any psychological problems are a SYMPTOM of bulimia rather than the cause.

(Unless you have been suffering from a mental health issue PRIOR to your bulimia).

The great news is that in recovery every psychological side-effect resulting from bulimia, can be 100% reversed.

Recovering from bulimia dramatically improves your self-esteem, confidence and well-being (without you having to think about it!)

The important point here is:

You should not feel hopeless or think that just because bulimia is labelled a mental illness that this somehow changes your ability to recover.

It doesn't.

You can recover and this will reverse ALL the psychological side-effects of your bulimia.

2. You fear you are too "broken" or have too many "issues" to recover. 

The belief that you need to resolve all your other issues BEFORE you can recover is NOT true. It is the other way round: FIRST recover from bulimia, THEN watch as your well-being is naturally restored.

Nourishing your body, stopping bingeing and regaining your life free from bulimia are the best things you can do to rebuild your confidence and improve your self-esteem.

The best part is that it all happens naturally over time without you having to think about it!

The Bulimia Help Method has helped thousands overcome bulimia and many of them say they can't believe the difference in their mental well-being after recovery. They feel so much more confident and positive.

It is as if you slowly remember the person you used to be before your eating disorder took over - except now you are a little wiser and more mature.

3. You fear you don't have enough strength or willpower to recover.

The truth is bulimics tend to have lots of strength and willpower. Probably more than most people, and it doesn't help them one bit.

Many bulimics attempt to stop binging by using their willpower to resist the urge.

Believing that if they hold out long enough and ignore the urge to binge that it will go away.

The problem is that it doesn't go away.

If you are not feeding your body the nutrients it needs the binge urge will NEVER disappear (remember bulimia is mostly a physical condition, not a mental one.)

The fact is willpower is only good for short term goals and it only works for so long. No one - anywhere - has enough willpower to continually resist the urge to binge forever.


This is why the most fervent promises to stop bingeing, often made in the heat of post purge feelings, so often fail. No matter how hard we try, our natural defence mechanism, which ensures we eat enough, will override our desire to restrict.

It’s not that you don't have enough willpower, you probably have lots. It’s just that it doesn't work for recovery. 

The great news is that you don't need willpower to recover. 

4. You fear the recovery process will be overwhelming and you will fail. 

Recovery can feel scary and overwhelming. 

Especially if you've previously tried countless therapeutic approaches, clinical treatments and medications only to find yourself back at square one.

But it doesn't have to be that way. 

We've broken the entire recovery process down into small, easy to follow steps. 

You take each step one at a time and only move on to the next step once you feel ready and confident to do so. This way you can never really fail at recovery. If you find any step too difficult you can always move back a step or two and wait until you feel ready before progressing. 

There is no pressure and you only need to go at your own pace. 

"It's simple and makes so much sense. The program walked me through what my body might go through during recovery and it let me know what to expect. It gave me the information to take that first step." (Member Recovery Quote)

5. You fear becoming fat.

I know this is a big concern to many, so let me stress:

Research shows that most people with bulimia, in the healthy weight range, who adopt regular eating habits and don't purge, end up within 1kg of where they started, and some even lose weight.

In fact a new study, led by a researcher from Drexel University, suggests that bulimia leads to weight gain. And the longer you battle bulimia, the more your weight will escalate. 

Recovery is better for your weight than having bulimia. 

Please rest assured you can recover from bulimia and your weight will NOT spiral out of control.

6. You fear you will not be able to cope without bulimia. 

If bulimia helps you cope with life then you must be blissfully happy and always content.

I am guessing not.

This is one of the biggest illusions with bulimia.

Bulimia doesn't control your emotions.

It makes your emotions worse and destroys your well-being.

Bulimia wears you down day by day. Bulimia erodes your confidence, creates anxious, warped thoughts, and steals your self-esteem.

Without bulimia your life will be MUCH more manageable and positive.

The truth is though; if you have had bulimia for a long time you may not be sure who you are without it. 

But you have nothing to fear. 

Recovery will allow you to discover the amazing person you are without the shackles of bulimia. 

You will discover what calm feels like, what balance feels like, what contentment feels like.

You will discover what it feels like to have an abundance of energy and a lightness of spirit.

You will discover new interests and new passions.

You will discover your inner strength and self-reliance.

You will discover all the amazing fantastic things that make you the truly wonderful, caring, loving, soulful person you already are.

And this is an important point.

This is who you already are.

This ISN'T a NEW you.

You aren't changing.

Bulimia was holding you back, robbing you of your life and draining your soul.

You were always made to fly but bulimia had you shackled to the ground.

7. You worry you’ll never be lose your fear around food.

Some of you may have been struggling with weight/ food issues for years prior to the onset of bulimia. 

Some of you may never have had a normal relationship with food.

Even if you can't remember a time when you had a healthy relationship with food, it really is possible to develop a healthy and normal relationship with it.

Surprisingly, most treatment programs don't teach you HOW to eat. When the treatment is over, many people relapse because they go back to their old habits. 

The Bulimia Help Method teaches you how to eat in a natural, safe way that will allow you to easily maintain your healthy weight for life. 

As one member put it…

"I've never felt so calm and in control around food. I eat when I feel like it and until I am full. Some days it's more and some it's less. I really never believed that recovery is possible and I am still surprising myself every day with how much happier and healthy I feel."

8. You fear someone will discover your bulimia secret. 

This is a legitimate concern. Your bulimia isn't anyone else's business. That’s why we have gone to lengths to ensure our program is completely discrete and confidential. 

So if you’re tired of your fears holding you back and you want bulimia out of your life forever then now is the time to take action. 

Try out our bulimia recovery program "The Bulimia Help Method" for the next 60 days completely risk free, and see what it can do for you. This could very well be the solution you’ve been searching for. 

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This is a great article but I

This is a great article but I have just one more fear to add to this list.... I fear that I will be told to eat certain types of foods (grains) that I choose not to eat because I believe that grains are not the best choice for fuel for MY body. My carb choice is veg/ fruit. Is this restrictive or a personal choice?
I'm new to the site and very excited to start my recovery but afraid that I'll be told that the only way to make a full recovery is to eat grains daily. I will eat them a couple of times a week but I try not to make them a regular part of my intake.
I'll keep reading the ebook to learn more about SE.

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