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It’s certainly been a busy week here at Bulimia Help HQ.

Right now we’re in the final stages of creating the new, updated version of the Bulimia Help Method book and to coincide with this, over the past week we’ve embarked on a gigantic, first of its kind, collaborative project with 50 members from our community. 

So what’s this collaborative project all about then? Well…

For the very first time the members of our community are going to help shape the second edition of the Bulimia Help Method - which I’m thrilled to tell you will be going to print as a hard copy. So in the not too distant future the Bulimia Help Method will be available alongside all of those other wonderful eating disorder recovery books we discussed recently. How exciting!

What was the motivation behind asking our members for help?

Well to be quite honest, there is simply no one more qualified for the task!

All of the Bulimia Help Members involved with this project have already been through the original online bulimia treatment program, they have experienced the highs and lows of recovery first hand and most importantly, they understand what recovering from bulimia really takes. 

Reflecting the voice of our community

We want the new version of The Bulimia Help Method book to reflect the voice of our community by embracing all of the unique thoughts, ideas and recovery expertise that our members have to offer.

How is it all going to work?

We asked ourselves that same question over and over again at first, then eventually we came up a plan of action that seems to be working well.

Here's how it works:

1. Each of the 50 members we’re working with now have access to the latest version of the Bulimia Help Method book via Google Docs. 

2. We knew it would be a bit of a mess if we allowed all 50 of them to edit the text at once, so instead they have permission to add “comments” to the document as they go along.  

3. The comments they add can be about anything. Pointing out sections they love, sections they hate, sections they really want to change and ideas on how they would like us to change them and so on. They have complete freedom to let us know exactly what they think of the book so far and how they would like to see it develop.

4. Every single comment is then reviewed, considered and discussed further, with amendments being made to the content where needed. 

5. All of the community members who contribute their time, ideas and feedback will also have their names acknowledged in the book.

What will the outcome of this project be?

We hope that by pooling together so much recovery experience we will be able to provide the next generation of Bulimia Help Members with a more supportive, comprehensive and effective recovery method than ever before. 

A big thank you to all of those involved!

To those of you who are involved with this project we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  You are going to make a difference.  You are going to change lives!   


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I can't wait to buy the hard

I can't wait to buy the hard copy of The Bulimia Help Method! You don't know how exciting this is for me because I've wanted to purchase the on-line course for nearly two years now, but don't know how to use a computer too well. I hope you e-mail everyone when it does go on bookshelves!

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