Catherine Liberty: "How I recovered from bulimia"

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So today is July 4th 2011 and I’m writing to you all with the biggest smile on my face - seriously, my face is starting to hurt from all the happiness and excitement.

Today is my two year “recovery anniversary.”

Sometimes I still can’t even believe that I made it here, what a wonderful day to be alive!

When I think about all of the changes that I have made in my life over the past two years it still overwhelms me. I went from being a fragile little girl who never believed recovery from bulimia would be possible to someone who now feels like a true champion in her heart.

I have transformed myself completely...

I have removed myself from a lifetime of pain, self-loathing and hatred and created the new me. The new me is strong, grateful, inspired and free but also vulnerable sometimes too.

I think liberated is the best word to describe how I feel today, in honesty it’s how I feel every day since I removed bulimia from my life.

Want to know what’s even better though? I look back on those years, ten - almost eleven years “wasted” to bulimia and I no longer feel regret. Things are so different now.

The fact that I was able to use that pain to not only fuel my own recovery but to help to inspire and shine hope into the lives of others makes every single second of it worthwhile.

I can honestly say I wouldn’t change my past for anything. That has to be one of the most unexpected blessings that recovery has given me.

If you think change is impossible then you are wrong. If you don’t think you can recover from bulimia you are wrong!

I’m talking real, life long recovery here, not that version of recovery where you have to “fight for the rest of your life” - no, no, no! - You really can have it all.

How can I be sure? Well I’m living it.

Newsflash: The fairytale version of recovery DOES exist!

Of course it’s hard. I learned very early on that you don’t just go from bingeing and purging 20 times a day for over a decade to a life of bliss.

Recovery is gradual and at times it’s painful. It is full of ups and downs but in the end you realize that the harder times are the ones you learn the most from.

At the time the 15 months it took me to feel 100% recovered from bulimia seemed like an eternity...

If you’re still fighting right now then I am sure you can relate to that. But I promise you, you will win this fight sooner than you think. As long as you promise yourself that you will never give up then in many ways you’ve already won!

I owe my entire life to Bulimia Help. Before I came here just two years ago I thought I knew everything about bulimia, how wrong I was!

Here I learned why I binged, why I felt so trapped and more importantly the exact steps I had to take in order to get better.

I made friends here over the years who I still consider to be some of my best. There’s something about sharing a journey like this that builds unimaginable and unconditional friendships.

And now look at me - I’m working for the website that saved my life! I don’t think my life could have turned out any more perfectly. I am truly honoured to be surrounded by such courageous women and men every day of my life now.

That fake smile I wore for all of those years is finally real!

I really hope that my story inspires you to keep fighting. Remember - ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!


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Freaking awesome! I think you

Freaking awesome!
I think you just summarized what we all strive for here. Freedom. Liberation. No regrets. A real smile :)
So happy for you and will be joining in on your celebration soon!

No binge tastes as good as HEALTHY FEELS!

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This is so inspiring! I am

This is so inspiring! I am close to two months "purge free", now, and this really helped me keep my motivation up. I really do hear you- I can't believe I've even made it here this far, since it was only a short bit ago, for so many years of feeling hopeless, that I thought it was impossible to ever get out of this cycle. Reading this post definitely is inspiring me to keep on going. I am so proud of you && thank you for sharing this wonderful article. :)

Catherine Liberty
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Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your kind words Kikiu and Britta :)

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Catherine ....I spend very

Catherine ....I spend very little time on this website, those have read every single one of your posts. Thanks for the reinforcement that self help really works....I can attest to that. I woke up new years broken and tired of running in circles around my eating disorder. I thought it was hopeless until I found this website and read the ebook and listened to the audio files. I read everything I could and am in tears to say that I have been BP free since that new years day. I feel amazing....truly myself again. Happy. Energized. Creative. Good luck to everyone.
It was a scary first few weeks....but trust me it's worth it.

Thanks for the inspiration.

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What a fantastic story

What a fantastic story Catherine - thank you so much for sharing it! You've given me real hope. A "genuine smile" is something that's worth the fight I reckon! Can't wait for it!

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