Diets don't work

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Diets don't work! Don't believe me? Well, let’s look at the facts about diets and bulimia

Research reveals that Americans now weigh MORE then they weighed twenty years ago... approximately 15 pounds more (Campus 2004). 

It's estimated that 70 million Americans are trying to lose weight on any given day, with an additional 45 million people trying to maintain their present weight. With so many on a diet why are people weighing more than 20 years ago?

The American government estimated that around 88–98% of America’s obese are currently on a diet; so obviously something is going terribly wrong!

Q. Why is our nation not thin?

Ans.  The reason is: dieting is not creating a thin nation, it's doing the exact opposite - this is because diets do not work!

Why diets do not work...

There are many reasons why diets fail.

Diets are too specific

They don't fit into most peoples' daily lives. They dictate what to eat and when and do not consider a persons likes, dislikes, hunger and time.

Fad diets, such as the 'cabbage soup diet' or the 'juice diet' are forms of starvation. You might lose weight by starving yourself for five days, but you won’t be able to keep this up for long and you will gain all the weight back very soon - plus even more weight!

Starvation diets are dangerous

Low carb diets or any other diet that tells you to give up an entire food group or restrict food intake is dangerous (unless directed by a medical professional).

Diets lead to binging

Depriving yourself of foods such as carbs and healthy fats will only lead to binging. It does not take a scientist to understand that a person needs good carbs and fats to stay alive. Without them your body will crave what it needs - this only leads to an inevitable binge.

Diets set you up for failure

Most diets are also so hard to follow and so restrictive that they set you up for failure. If you go on a diet there is not much chance you will keep it up or lose any long term weight. When the diet fails you will feel like a failure - this can lead to comfort eating!

Diets are not designed as long term eating plans

Diets are not meant as a lifelong eating plan. If you want to lose weight you should be thinking about making lifestyle changes that are easy to live with. At Bulimia Help we teach you how to use your intuition instead of dieting. A much easier way of living.

Diets are not the answer

They zap energy and money from your pocket and will not deliver the results you seek.


Diets fail 95% of the time

We are not the first to say that "diets don’t work", it's not a new fact; it’s been studied, proved, documented are published for people to see.


Do you think if the truth was broad-casted more: "diets have a failure rate of 95% and diets will inevitably fail you", then perhaps people will change their mind before embarking on another grueling diet?

If a brain surgeon had a 95% failure rate would you let him/her get to work on fixing your brain? I wouldn't. Or would you get on-board a plane that had a 1 in 20 chance of NOT crashing? Of course not, yet many still diet, even though the failure rate is 95%.

Almost all dieters who have failed will end up gaining more weight over a five year period than they would have if they never dieted in the first place!

So perhaps a little food for thought...excuse the pun :)



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95% of Diets Fail!

I had no idea, I guess it just goes to show how much we have all been blinded by the truth!

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It begs the question.

With so many people on a diet at any given point and time, doesn't "normal eating" then become the minority? My biggest struggle is often facing that dieting is, was, and most likely always will be around me.

"He who has a why to live can bear almost any how." - Friedrich Nietzsche

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reply to biorhythmic

i was thinking exactly the same thing today.
we are struggling to find some kind of normal relationship with food, while being healthy, moderate and somehow still losing weight....meanwhile everyone else around us has a very abnormal relationship with food. everyone is dieting; we have eating disorders.

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not surprised

Im not surprised at all about these figures. The times when I wasn't struggling with weight/eating I wasn't obsessed with food.

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wow, we sure did fail.

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HAHA i hear that one

HAHA i hear that one

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ive heard this many times

ive heard this many times before, and have also experienced it, i suppose the truth is, that 'normal' eating is the most difficult challenge of thhem all, as that is what we are all really faililng to do

no more pretending..time to face the music; i have a problem

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I put myself on a diet when I

I put myself on a diet when I was 11 for the first time, is that sick or what I thought I was fat, and now when I look back all I see is an adorable, sporty athletic tomboy who was nowhere near fat, It's sad what the dieting industry in American and all its commercials does to young girls, I think if I had not been constantly bombarded by dieting books, and television about weight loss, that everyone needs to be a certain weight, maybe I would never have gotten the idea at such a young age or an eating disorder, I was a good reader, so along with my To Kill a Mockingbird, I always had a small pile of diet books that I sneaked away from the adult book section in the library and read secretly at the desks in the children section. I hope when I have daughters I am able to protect them from this stuff:(

-Emi- love life, and be strong

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i just can't let go of the

i just can't let go of the idea of being on a diet. it is how i judge myself (which i know is sick). i still have a long way to go.

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Well, there are other aspects

Well, there are other aspects to keep in mind, too.
You could have the same statistic and just replace dieting with the number of fast food restaurants in an area/district/country. Or the distribution of high caloric foods in grocery stores and so on and so on...
Also people should consider that there are a lot of quacksalver who promise the best of the best results and you pay for it... not only with your money but also with your health.
I still believe that dieting does not work well, but it can, if you do it right.
If you feel like you need to diet consult a nutritionist/dietitian.


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More than anything I just want to be free from this hell....i have faced and conquered many obstacles in my life and this is by far the hardest-I want this to end!!!!.......

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That chart strikes me as funny. Over the years tv and magazines told us we have to be thin to be attractive. So everyone started dieting -- and everyone got fat lol. Back in the ole days no one cared. I mean Marylin Monroe was like a size 14! I and everyone else need to realize that curves are good.. Why is it so hard to grasp that theory??

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