How bulimia destroyed my teeth: A step-by-step timeline

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Many people who suffer from bulimia nervosa are often concerned about their teeth.

I am not one for scare tactics; but it’s true, from first hand experience, bulimia can wreck your teeth and your health.

I want to share my nightmare I went through regarding how bulimia damage my teeth. I am not trying to imply that the extent of damage I detail here will happen to you. I simply want to highlight the potential threat acid erosion can have on your health and teeth.

My bulimic teeth nightmare started pretty early and I am still having work done now to to the horrendous amount of work done to undo the damage caused by acid erosion

So here it is, my bulimic teeth dental history:

I have tried my best to be as accurate as I can. I have drawn up a timeline to show the extent of the damage and I have included a diagram at the top to show what teeth I am talking about. I have also included the cost of the treatment.

So lets get into the nitty, gritty details:

1995 – Age 13

I have perfectly straight white teeth and often get lovely comments on how nice they are. Not for long! I have already developed an abscess and need immediate root canal treatment for my front tooth. This was after purging several times over a few months. Acid erosion from occasional purge episodes was enough to cause damage.

Cost: Dental treatment is free if you are under 18 and living in the UK.

top front teeth acid erosion due to purging1999 – Age 17

By 1999 things started to get worse. I was vomiting more.  Another abscess appeared; I needed root canal treatment in my other front tooth. Then, six months later... the tooth beside that went, and more root canal treatment was performed. So, by the age of 18, three of my top teeth (7, 8, & 9) have had root canal treatment and many fillings are in place in the surrounding teeth.

2001 – Age 19

top teeth eroison due to bulimiaI am now in my second year at University. I make my regular check up with the dentist. I am informed that my front teeth (8&9) will now need porcelain crowns. I’m sure my dentist knew I was bulimic, but it was never mentioned. I was quite badly bulimic at this point and was vomiting up to seven times a day.

(A porcelain crown is placed over a tooth when a cavity is very large or the tooth has been weakened in some way. In my case, acid erosion had left my front teeth very thin and week, without crowns they would have probably cracked.  At the same time I had root canal treatment done in my lower back molar (19) and a few filings here and there).

Average cost: $2,500.00  – luckily I was a student and got funding for this.

vomit damage to teeth2004 – Age 22

My back molar on the left hand side (30) shattered, this was then extracted.  Six months later a bridge was made, (29, 30 & 31: bridge).

Cost averaging around $1,200.00

2005 – Age 23

teeth erosion due to purging2005 is probably the worst year for me regarding dental treatment. I had chronic infection in my upper molar (number 13). Root canal treatment was performed and failed! The tooth was then extracted.

Then five of my teeth were root canalled over the following months and porcelain crowns were placed over them (number: 4, 5, 12, 13 and number 10 are now porcelain crowns). So, all that is left of my own front teeth are a few at the back and number 6 & 11 on the front.

Cost averaging $1,900.00

Unfortunately the dentist I was seeing was not particularly great.  If you are getting dental work done, make sure you trust your dentist can carry out proper root canal treatment and build proper crowns. Ask around! I reckon this batch of dental treatment was rushed. We were leaving to go travelling and were migrating to Australia. So the dentist rushed getting the job done before we left.

3 teeth damaged due to bulimiaI was very angry, as every tooth this dentist worked on turned out to be a case of bad dental work. The front crown fell out within a month (number 10); this was when we were in Laos on a jungle trek (how embarrassing)!

When we arrived in Australia, just three months after the dental work was completed, I was told that all of the work that was performed was faulty and would need fixed in the near future. 12 & 13 were extracted.

A long bridge was put in place spreading across four teeth on the left hand side of my mouth. The front one that fell out in Laos would cause a lot more problems for me. The other two crowns 4 & 5 are still in.  I have been told they will eventually cause problems and will have to be pulled down the line.

To correct some of this batch of bad dentistry cost $4,500.00!

2009 – Age 27

I fell pregnant in January 2009. This was when that front crown (that fell out in Laos and was fixed back in place) started playing up. I could feel infection brewing there and had to take a repeat prescription of antibiotics. It would have been hard to treat this tooth being pregnant.

2010 – Age 28

front tooth infection due to bulimiaAfter my son was born, I visited the dentist to fix the front crown that was giving me so much bother. When root canal treatment fails, which can happen, instead of removing the tooth a procedure called an apicoectomy can be carried out. It involves the surgical removal of the root’s tip. A small filling is then used to seal the root. This is expensive, I was quoted $5000.

Someone informed me to go to Bali as it was a lot cheaper, so this is what I done.I have heard mixed reviews about dental work being done in Bali. To be honest I wouldn’t go back, I found it quite traumatic. The dentist drilled a large hole through the bone above the tooth and drained the infection. The hole was then filled with bone graft and stitched back up. Not pleasant, especially when you are given a mirror so you can watch, horrific! The dentist fixed the problem for a while!

This cost $350.00 (plus plane tickets of $900.00). It would have cost $5,000 if I had it done in Australia.

We moved back to the UK at the end of 2010 for a year.

My abscess came back – yes I am still talking about the same tooth here, the same tooth that was root canalled the same tooth that was crowned by my butcher dentist, the same crowned tooth that fell out in the Laos jungle and the same crowned tooth that took me to Bali.

At the end of 2010 I knew I had to get it fixed once and for all! Due to bad dental work I had done in the past I made a real effort to seek out a good dentist. I tracked down my dentist in Belfast who performed the work of my front two crowns 10 years ago.

2011 – Age 29

tooth damage due to bulimiaThe tooth was finally pulled! Hallelujah.  I had to wear a denture for months! Not nice, especially when you are still in your 20s! But, I was pleased to have got rid of that tooth. I started to feel better for the first time in years. The story does not end here. The dentist made a mistake of crowning the tooth beside it. Due to the extent of dental work I have had done, this tooth should not have been invaded the way it was. Another type of bridge should have been used instead.

Cost for dental work $1,300.00

After two months... guess what? I got an abscess (tooth number 11). At this point we had left the UK and we were touring the states. I was devastated. After getting rid of tooth number 10, now 11 had an abscess!

When I returned to Australia, I was told the cost to fix this would be $3000. Root canal treatment would need to be performed and a new bridge is needed. I was told my nice new bridge that cost a fortune had to come out – it had only just been done!

Cost for dental work: $3,000.00

Now luckily my dentist in the UK paid for this as compensation for the mess up. I am currently getting the second batch of root canal treatment done at the moment.

In Summary

Total Cost of dental work so far: $15,650.00

This is the fist time I have actually added up the cost of treatment and to be honest even I’m a little surprised at how much it has cost me.

teeth crowned due to bulimiaHere is a diagram of all the teeth that have been crowned i.e these are not my real teeth and have been replaced by porcelain crowns.


Watch this space folks; until all my teeth are actually removed,  I believe I will have continual work carried out for many years to come. I reckon I should become a dentist!

It’s also important to mention that despite recovering from Bulimia, dental issues can still linger. I remember one dentist informing me that once you have had major dental work done a ‘domino effect’ can then take place – meaning more and more work will have to be carried out.

Years after making a full recovery I still have ongoing expensive dental visits. I am haunted by my past. All of this had a huge impact on my health and I still live with problems today.

My advice: Please, start your recovery. The longer you are bulimic the more damage you will do to your precious teeth and your health.

There is a way out of this nightmare.I was bulimic for 10 years and never thought it was possible to stop, it is possible! I have never looked back and have never felt the need to binge and purge since. Win back your freedom.

If you are concerned about your teeth please visit your dentist as soon as possible, it’s best to get it sorted out now before the problem gets worse.

You can learn some tips to prevent bulimia teeth damage here.

Best of luck
Ali x

P.S If you are serious about recovery you should sign up to our free 7 day recovery ecourse and explore the rest of Bulimia Help.


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teeth & bulimia

I have many cavities and had a few teeth out now - defo because of my bulimia!

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Wait your not supposed to

Wait your not supposed to brush teeth after ? I didn't know that? !

dee, horsebackgirl

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Have I been screwing up then!

I thought I was doing a good thing by brushing my teeth immediately after purging. Guess I need to stop that.

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i read somewhere that you're

i read somewhere that you're supposed to wait 30 minutes....?

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My doctor always told me to rinse with baking soda. it neutralizes the acid. Not that it has saved my teeth a whole lot. I envy people with beautiful teeth. Mine are ruined. =(

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Oddly enough I have the

Oddly enough I have the whitest teeth on the planet... but its fake! I whiten like mad. try it. I use dental care baking soda afterward and hve been for 9 years.. i wonder if they'll give out one day.. but so far ive got lucky.. they do have a few small teeny cracks in front if u look real close which probably is from acid damage im not sure..
how do you know if you have acid damage?

dee, horsebackgirl

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Signs of acid erosion.

1. Sensitivity: As dentine becomes exposed, an occasional slight twinge may be felt when consuming hot, cold or sweet foods and drinks
2. Discolouration: Teeth can have a slight yellow appearance as the dentine shows through
3. Rounded Teeth: A rounded 'sandblasted' look on the surface and edges of the teeth
4. Transparency: Front teeth may appear slightly transparent near their biting edges
5. Advanced Discolouration: Teeth may show a darker yellow appearance which is the exposed dentine showing through
6. Cracks: Small cracks and roughness may be present at the edges of the teeth
7. Severe Sensitivity: As dentine continues to becomes exposed over time, teeth can suffer from severe dentine hypersensitivity
8. Cupping: Small dents may appear on the chewing surface of the teeth — at this stage any fillings may appear to rise up

Ali Kerr
Recovery is so very very possible!

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Well after I purge, I rinse my mouth with Listerine and brush with a baking soda/water paste, then rinse again. I usually wait about 10-15 mins to brush again with toothpaste. I am crazy about my teeth. Even though I have some damage to my back teeth, the rest aren't too bad at all.

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After i purge i usually eat again.. somtin small.. i too heard that brushing makes teeth bad.. I have been bulimic for a good year now and so far no damage to my teeth. i need to stop before i do! i just had my braces off!

my teeth are getting thinner and they ARE more sensitive.. oh my :(


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D: this just scares me..

D: this just scares me..

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i whiten my teeth allll the

i whiten my teeth allll the time so the color isn't bad..but i can def feel some cavaties forming. i need to go to the dentist is killllllinggggg me.


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i have been bulimic for three

i have been bulimic for three years..but my teeth seem to be fine! this past few months i havent thrown up much at all though. i also whitened them three times in the past 3 three years. i wonder what theyd look like without it....ughh


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ive been lucky with my teeth

i truly am blessed to be lucky with my teeth. ive never had cavities or any major dental work and i will be 26 this may. i was never told to not brush after throwing up but my big thing was mouthwash and i used that alot after throwing up because at my worst during my pregnancies i was throwing up a few times an hour! at first i would just brush after doing it but then it became so much work to brush several times an hour so i just mouthwashed after each time. i see people i know in my area without there teeth or with partials and feel bad for them. i cant imagine what i would do if i ever had to loose mine i think it would tear me apart inside. ali truly is a strong woman for handling the loss of hers but thhank goodness she brings her experience stregth and wisdom here to share with us and shes able to turn her negative experience into something positive.

liz d

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I am on 2 years of being a

I am on 2 years of being a bulimic, but my teeth already have the side effects. The enamel is very thin on my front teeth and bottom front teeth, they are so sensitive to different foods.

*~Life is an eternity of gorgeous moments~*

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should i trust my dentist?

i am terrified that i will louse my teeth. i think i can feel them moving but im not sure. when i wnet to the dentist, and i told her i was bulimic she took a scan of my teeth to see the damage. as far as she could tell there was very little acid erosion and no need for work. but i dont know if she was wrong. can they tell if your teeth are about to fall out even if they appear healthy? i have strong teeth but they have become sensitive. i have suffered from purging for 6 years... and i deperately need help. i dont want to louse my teeth.

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my god all these comments

my god all these comments make me realize just what im donig to my teeth, ive been bulimic since i was 16 and my teeth are terrible,, im obsessed with them , always brush them after i get sick all the time, no wonder ive no enamel left, my dentist never mentions anything bout it to me,, but i know he def knows about it, my doctor gets soo mad at ne , not even funny shes goes bananas!!!!!!!!!!
WHERE OH WHERE CAN I GET MY TEETH WHITENED??? OR WHAT PRODUCT CAN I BUY??? i live in Ireland if that's any gud,,, oh PLEASE SOMEONE REPLY,BE REALLY GRATEFUL.i want pearly white teeth again,, thanx

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I am getting married soon and

I am getting married soon and have been desperately trying to find a way to whiten my teeth without hurting them. Everything I have read about whitening teeth when you are bulimic says that in the best interest of the health of your teeth DON'T whiten them until you are recovered. Whitening teeth removes and softens enamel, even though some treatments like Crest White Strips says it doesn't. If you must whiten them soon, talk with your dentist. Mine said he could closely monitor a tray system that includes fluoride treatments to help harden the softened enamel. But, if it is not something that you have to have done soon, I'd truly wait until you are recovered. In the mean time, rinse with a baking soda/water mix or fluoride rinse (you'll find them in the drugstores with mouthwash) after every b/p cycle. Don't brush your teeth within an hour of b/p. And use a soft bristled toothbrush with an enamel guard toothpaste (CVS offers a relatively cheap generic brand if you are in the U.S.)

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what I use

I rinse my mouth with baking soda water and use Sensodyne Pro-Namel toothpaste that's supposed to help strengthen the enamel. I'm going to get some flouride mouth wash too. I've been without insurancce for many months but will have some in August. I'm heading straight to the dentist! I've been worried about my teeth lately...

~believing recovery is possible~

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After thirteen years of being

After thirteen years of being bulimic, I still have nice teeth- but not as nice as they could have been.. When i was thirteen, my mother told my orthodontist that i was bulimic- i hated her for it- but love her for it now. the orthodontist told me to brush my teeth gently with Baking soda- and well- my dentist to this day says i have lovely teeth. However- In the past year- i can see how they are staring to erode away.

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hi, when do you brush with

hi, when do you brush with baking soda? straight after or do you wait? if you wait, how long?? i always wait at least half an hour before doing anything, just sip water. i use the new enamel toothpastes that have recently come out but not sure if theyr actually any good. so would you recommend baking soda? thanks x

we are all unique and all deserve to love and be loved

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WEll- its better to rinse

WEll- its better to rinse your mouth with milk- to alkalize the acid. Although I have nice teeth after 13 years of bulimia- i have noticed a remarkable difference in the past 6 months- and i did chip my front tooth with a salad fork recently and had to have it bonded. Also, my last check up, my hygienist noticed that I had toothbrush marks on my teeth- and told me to brush more gently- so i guess when I was brushing with the baking soda, that I was brushing away the enamel too. SO- i really don't know- id swish some yogurt or milk in your mouth right away though- which is also what I have done. You can see most of the damage behind my teeth and around the corners- you can start to see through them- im so sad thinking about this. I do have a dentist appointment in less then ten hours though! I hope it goes ok...

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After 30 years of being...

I can honestly say to anyone who thinks that Bulimia won't rob you of your teeth that ... it will.

I now have veneers on my front teeth and am just getting back into the habit of smiling again. For years I only gave a half-smile because of the damage to my teeth from Bulimia. And that's the ones that are still in my mouth! I've had eight teeth pulled and no, I don't have bad oral hygiene, I just hardly have any enamel.

Bulimia also weakens the immune system in general, my doctor told me. And so once I'd have a small bit of decay, it would mushroom so quickly, my dentist couldn't believe it.

But rather than cry over my teeth, I'd like to express my gratitude for this day of recovery and that I'm alive to live it.

- Lisa

Fall down seven times, stand up eight.

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i actually had a doctor TELL me to brush my teeth right after. thats not good! after 8 years of bulimia i had 6 fillings done to my teeth and one of my upper teeth chipped (not really bad, but bad enough). i cant believe i was brushing my teeth all those years and had no idea i was making my teeth worse! i am actually quite mad!


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Six crowns need to be placed.

Just spent $750.00 to have some teeth filled. Currently, my mollars have tooth decay.

The obvious, no. This habit is not worth it.

There is no point of beating myself over it. The fact I am going to have six crowns is going to be a new start for me.

My dentist told me his patient that has been struggling with wanting to stay thin for 25+ years has throat cancer and needs all teeth removed.

I am measured by value, not by success!

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A few years ago I tried to

A few years ago I tried to get my teeth whitened. I'm convinced that its because of years of bulimia wearing away my enamel that the whitening effect wouldnt take :( Has anyone else tried whitening and failed?
Wouldn't flouride mouthwash be too hard on teeth that have just had acid washed against them? Theres a lot of rough additives. I've heard baking soda is really good and I've bought a colgate enamel protect sensitive toothpaste. its not cheap but hopefully its worth it..

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im a dentist. I have been bulimic for 2 years and ANA before that. for the most irony I was presented with a patient with bulimia for my finals case, but luckily have been doing heaps of looking up about how not to damage my teeth!

so... top tips....
1) chew a calcium carbonate stomach acid tablet like tums, during bingeing and vomiting. Straight after vommiting if you can swill around with milk.
2) DONT BRUSH YOUR TEETH FOR 1 HOUR!! after purging.
3) Dont hold anything acidic in your mouth- ie use a straw for pop and have ice in it (this lowers the amount of acid that can attack teeth)
4) if you are going to have fizzy drinks have them with meals, and if you must inbetween have a 5g piece of hard cheese and suck it after the drink.
5) Ask your dentist to place fluoride varnish regularly.
6) TELL YOUR DENTIST. if you dont then they might use cements and materials that will just dissolve in the acid- and will make the situation worse!
7) Everyone should be using a toothpaste with more that 1450ppm fluoride, and then a mouthwash of 0.5% fluoride daily.
This should be the routine...
Brush before breakfast for 2 minutes.
Mouthwash either after lunch or mid afternoon
Brush before bedtime for 2 minutes.

Baking soda toothpastes or tooth powders with silica in them are TOO ABRASIVE for bulimics, and should be dissuaded.

I am thinking of doing some further research on this whole subject area. But do message me if there is anything you want to know- i can look it up if i dont know the answer. X

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Reverse effects?

Fran Can I reverse the effects of what Bulima has done to my teeth? They look gray.. and I have the acid line on my front teeth... Can that go away after a while? I would love to talk to you. I haven't gone to the dentist. I'm scared (as silly as that sounds...) I use to have such pretty teeth... they don't look toooo bad but I can tell and it scars me. I want to stop, but you know how that is.

jean's picture
reverse effects

Hi Fran,
I was wondering can I reverse the effects of what bulima has done to my teeth? They look a little gray and I have the acid line on my front teeth... I use to have such pretty teeth. I'm trying to stop being bulimic. My teeth don't look tooo bad but I just want to get them back before it's to late, or is it?
I would love to talk to you and get some advice on what I should do.


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Hey, im a dental assistant, i

Hey, im a dental assistant, i have been bulimic forabout a year and i have to say i am just now starting to notice by teeth being affected.. a few of my teeth are really sensitive ESPECIALLY the day after ive purged alot, i am scared to get the dentist iw ork for to look at them because i think he might be able to tell im bulimic, do u knwo how long it takes for the erosion to start becoming noticable?


chickin70's picture
Hey, im a dental assistant, i

Hey, im a dental assistant, i have been bulimic forabout a year and i have to say i am just now starting to notice by teeth being affected.. a few of my teeth are really sensitive ESPECIALLY the day after ive purged alot, i am scared to get the dentist iw ork for to look at them because i think he might be able to tell im bulimic, do u knwo how long it takes for the erosion to start becoming noticable?


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your teeth

so what if your dentist notices, he has privacy rules to abide to, so dont be afraid of going, the best thing you can do is dont miss an appointment.

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I feel like I am the author of this post

I have been bulimic for ten years my teeth are extremely sensitive to the point that some days after I purge I cannot chew food (even soft) it hurts too much (even temperature is a nuisance). I have been told by the dentist that I have worn the enamel off many of my teeth. They warn me to stop drinking sugary sodas and I go with this but truth is I don't even drink soda...

"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." -Roald Dahl

Miss H
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i've been using proenamel

i've been using proenamel toothpaste for the last year. it tastes gross and is expensive but my teeth aren't so sensitive.
it might be worth a try. temperature is still a problem. like with hot hot foods or cold ones. other than that it's better now than it was.
i also have stopped drinking soda. it's bad for your bones too. and an ed is also bad for your bones.

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ive been bulimic for about 2

ive been bulimic for about 2 years, and I've had some pretty bad gum erosion that started for me after a year.

but my fear of my teeth used to really get at me, and actually make me purge more. This sounds really wierd but totally true. I used to think, jez, my teeth are already bad, one more purge wont hurt. or I would just get to the all time low and think, who cares, no one cares.
And then, I would get mad at myself after i purged. Like, what the hell was i thinking! my teeth are getting worse.

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Baking soda

make a baking soda mouth wash... gently brush, floss, mouth wash... after almost 3 years my dentist still can't tell i have a problem

Raven's picture
I keep having these terrible

I keep having these terrible nightmares where all my teeth crumble and fall out into my hands.

My gums have receded, I have heaps of decay and my front teeth are half-transparent from acid wear. They are also concave on the inside and streaky. It looks horrible but
I am so terrified of going to the dentist because it is sooooo obvious :(

julie's picture
been bulimic for 20 years

i been to the doctors for depression and bulimia since xmas but yesterday half my front tooth fell out. i aint been sick today but hardly eatten either

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been bulimic for 20 years

never miss a dentist appointment, my dentist is fab and is always coating my teeth to protect them, everytime i go lol

always brush your teeth after every purge, and if your breath is smelling salted water is good for a clean out, though if you have cleaned your teeth properly they shouldnt smell.

my teeth are a horrible colour after years of purging and they used to be sooooo white, but then this could also be down to the amount of coffee i always drink.

like i said keep seeing the dentist and this will help maintain your teeth as long as possible

julie's picture
im on day 4!!!!!!!!!!!!! im

im on day 4!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so ecstatic!!! not really eaten but im not been sick!!!!!!!!!! feel great x

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oil pulling

I suggest oil pulling. Look it up. It's a homeopathic remedy. It's been beneficial for me.

There's Hope,

amyamyamy's picture
I have just discovered my

I have just discovered my first cavity. todah. How scary.

wormyeyelid's picture
I understand you're trying to

I understand you're trying to encourage recovery.

But vanity won't cure a mental illness.

Letgoandletgod's picture
I can relate. cause even

I can relate. cause even though we want to be healthy, really, we really care about our teeth in a vain sense. What about our poor stomachs and throats, and intestinal bowel movements, and brain sadness? No, who cares about that? Of course we don't care because our teeth are far more important because people can see them. And that is exactly why we care most about our teeth because people can see the ugly we do onto them. People can see the yellowing harrassment from vile gurgles of stomach acid. People begin to see the hollowness of our souls as our door-like teeth brittle and break slowly. Oh vanity, where are you now when I need you most?!

welshgirl's picture

my nashers are in a bad way i have toothache all the time ive had a few out,got dentist end of this month for a tooth out ,i fort u wasnt ment to brush ur teeth after wards...????

becky xx

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apparently the best was to minimise the damage- apart from the obvious 'stop purging' is to rinse your mouth with water and then 1 hour later you can brush your teeth, softly, mine have been ok thankfully- little bit of enamel damage and one small filling since becoming bulimc. and thats how i've always taken care to try and limit the damage.

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i need to go to the dentist

i need to go to the dentist because mine are getting really sensitive to sweet things. guess i should tell them what i do, and see what help i can get!


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brushing and tums

If this helps anybody..... I've been told NEVER to brush my teeth after a b/p because of the acid still in your mouth you're basically brushing acid into your enamel. I've also been told after you purge to chew a few calcium carbonate tabs (like tums or rolaids) and swish them around your mouth with a mouthfull of water for like 30 seconds, it's supposed to neutralize the acid lingering in your mouth.

It's not a race against the clock... it's one experience after another.

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Ive just been bulimic for 6

Ive just been bulimic for 6 months now but my teeth are so sensitive! im even afraid to drink soda without a straw because its scaring the hell outta me!

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I'm pretty lucky thus far--

I'm pretty lucky thus far-- the teeth are not particularly yellow although there are stains. I try to do mouthwash but it normally burns so much my gums/roof of the mouth that I can't do it for too long.
The teeth, they get sensitive every so often but normlly are ok after a day or so.
But worse are my gums/tongue. Sometimes, the entire tongue just looks burned, with visible holes in it...terrible. Anyone else have this?

tired123's picture
I'm pretty lucky thus far--

I'm pretty lucky thus far-- the teeth are not particularly yellow although there are stains. I try to do mouthwash but it normally burns so much my gums/roof of the mouth that I can't do it for too long.
The teeth, they get sensitive every so often but normlly are ok after a day or so.
But worse are my gums/tongue. Sometimes, the entire tongue just looks burned, with visible holes in it...terrible. Anyone else have this?

rita's picture
Busted teeth

Same problem goes around here, I had beautiful teeth, and my dentist used to talk about how strong they "were"! Now after six years of bulimia and still, im suffering terrible trouble with my teeth, LOTS and LOTS of constant recurring cavatives, plus I lost almost 80% of my teeth enamel, they are soo weak, and Im not supposed to eat anything too hard on my teeth "nuts, etc...and not eat on my front teeth" . Lol of course I dont follow any of this. As well I am a heavy smoker, contributes to more cavities, and yellow teeth!!

Angie Vldz
Angie Vldz's picture
i just spent about $2000 on

i just spent about $2000 on cavities, i need to see the dentist for x-rays and one last cavity. imhappy about that but i still need to crowns. this is not a joke, we all need to beat this, i brush my teeth all the time, i have everything i need to make my teeth look better, the dentist says i have nice teeth, maybe because they are big, not huge, but i have my moms teeth. i also grind my teeth, im gonna do everything i can to save em.


kittycat's picture

My teeth were never white but have become a yellow colour, and recently there are brown stains on them, i dont know what causes this? and ideas?.. i also have mouth ulcers in clusters around my gums due to b/ mouth is always in pain. Im starting to get self conscious about my teeth :(

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kabbalah Daf Yomi

hi im original here assumption to bag together with make pepole and neck of the woods possessions here....

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Teeth :o(

I just had all of my back teeth removed because of the damage caused from purging, diet soft drink and chewing gum... I am 24... I never thought it would happen to me..
I dn't want anyone else to go through this. It is hell.

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groovy chick
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I am very frightened at the

I am very frightened at the damage I am causing to my teeth. I can already see where the enamel has eroded away and my teeth are definitely becoming more sensitive. My dentist is aware of the problem, but I want to avoid any further dental work if I can.

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My teeth are a complete

My teeth are a complete mess.
Only this last year, I´ve spent over 3000 € at the dentist's.
They don't know anything about my ED, but i know.
Sodas, chewing gun, vomiting...

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Teeth ..

Well you guys are all pretty blessed with the small amount of damage done.. Let me tell you it gets worse after 15 years.. I have had to have all of my bottom chewing teeth taken out, the ones one the sides 4 i think , so it is very hard to chew things well, leads to stomach aches, constipation,etc. Also my gums have word down so far on the top and the bottom, I have none to speak of AND from having the teeth pulled so long ago there is a large amount of gum loss. There shoudl be a fund for bulimics to get their teeth fixed!

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quality coffee
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urgh, had to get up 3 times

urgh, had to get up 3 times during the night last night to take painkillers.
can't afford to go to the dentist at the moment.
and don't have the time to take off work.
its so damn debilitating being in so much pain all the time.
the fact its self inflicted.
means i can't even feel sorry for myself.
let alone expect sympathy from anyone else!!
not to worry though, just another fantastic reason to never b/p again...

Scarlet Bones
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Already had my first

Already had my first porcelain veneer a couple of years
It breaks my heart when I look back at old photos of my old pearly white which are no replaced with discoloured yellow granny teeth. Veneers cost a bomb too! If you dont like the look of your new veneers its pretty much 'tough luck'
Ive been very very lucky as I have major strong teeth (family thing)
I have but a few cavities after 10yrs of hell but there are signs of teeth forming a saucer like affect on the bottom teeth which plays on my mind every day
How Ive mutilated myself inside and out :O((((

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you're teeth will rot away

After about 15 years of anotexia/bulimia I have lost 4 teeth, one fell out 2 days ago. Always getting tooth ache and gum problems, mouth ulcers. Very unsexy. All my teeth will probably fall out if I continue. I hate smiling now, never been much of a smiler but still.
All I can say to those who have been suffering for a few month, just try to stop it NOW! It is just not worth how if can ruin every aspect of your life.

Christa Lee
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My teeth have truly suffered also. I look back at pictures and just wish I could have my pearly whites back. I have chipped my two front teeth, they are eroded on the ends, discolored and I just don't like to smile like I used to. I have dreams about my teeth almost every night. I am so scared to go to the dentist because it hurts and I know how expensive the repair will be. That is my goal this week, to call and make an appt. with the dentist. It will be really scary, but I have to do it.

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I just had my 4th root canal

I just had my 4th root canal yesterday! I just turned 26 and I have been bulimic for 10 years. I have spent thousands of dollars on my teeth. One root canal is $320 with insurance. Without insurance, it would have been $1650! That doesn't even include the crown you have to get put on afterward. That will cost another $300! This is only for 1 tooth... imagine 4 or more.
I never brushed my teeth right after purging either, and I still created a massive amount of damage. The only way to save your teeth, and your money is to stop purging. I could have gone on a great vacation with all the money that I've spent on food and dental work!

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I thoroughly rinse my mouth

I thoroughly rinse my mouth with water and then brush my teeth if I'm in a hurry. They're still yellow as ever though.

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I have none of my top teeth

My top teeth got so bad that they began falling apart. This was after 12 years of purging. I would eat something and just lose a piece of a tooth. I would start to cry everytime. I have great oral hygene and still have all of my bottom teeth, but I am a 30 yr old with a full upper denture...NOT COOL!

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i spent over a $1000 on teeth

i spent over a $1000 on teeth already... i wish my dentist confronted me much earlier to make me realise the seriousness of bulimia on teeth. didn't help that my first dentist who did my braces back in high school was so negligent and didn't warn me about how braces decalcifies teeth etc. so it was untreated and weakened by that, and by bulimia for about 6 years after...

i'm so shocked about how much financial damage i did to my parents.. i think i don't care how fat i am going to get from now on i simply cannot afford in any sense of the word to purge again. i'm so afraid for my teeth. i'm young and have to live with this set of very bad teeth for many many years to come.. what have i done..

i'm following a very strict dental routine now which is the price i am paying for the damage i did to myself, but even then i worry every day because it is not fool-proof i won't ever get cavities or problems again. i don't even care about yellow teeth for the rest of my life.. i only wish a set of healthy teeth...

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Ali, I've had about the same

Ali, I've had about the same amount of work done on my teeth (bit late reading this post). Luckily with not quite so many dentist mistakes. It's true that finding the right dentist and TELLING THEM you are bulimic is really important, and although it's expensive, it is really worth the money to find a good one. Teeth are like all the hours you spend binging and purging - they're irreplaceable.
I remember my Mum finding out I was bulimic when I was an early teen and telling me 'if you're going to do that you should brush your teeth afterwards'. Ouch. Years later a dentist who I completely trust told me that you can only prevent damage if you rinse all the acid off your teeth INSTANTLY. I.e. no acid stays in your mouth for any time at all. Following that advice makes it pretty much IMPOSSIBLE TO BINGE AND PURGE. Of course, it's not that easy for any of us but I found it useful to think of that and focus on protecting my teeth.
Dental work took over my life for years too. Now that I've had proper work done my teeth look ok apart from two gold teeth at the back (no-one notices them). I'll always have grumbling infections and actually have to have an apicectomy next week...wish me luck! Hopefully that'll be it again for a while.

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It isnt just Bulimia that can

It isnt just Bulimia that can do all this damage to your teeth ive had stomach ulcers and could be sick up to ten times a day, the acid was so strong it was taking the skin off the roof of my mouth, today i have 2 teeth left and i will say this at least you have a choice with bulimia and i dont mean that disrespectfully but you make yourself sick, i had no control over my sickness. im so embarrassed by this i havnt visited a dentist to date, luckily i keep my mouth shut most of the time and the fact i had very full lips as helped disguise the fact that i really have no teeth. i have no one to help me pluck up the courage to go to a dentist, for what would have to be dentures now, it has ruined my life stopped me going places with little confidence. could anyone help with my situation, do dentist do home visits when your NHS? my ulcers lasted on/off, being more on than off about 5 years and yes each time i was sick i was brushing my teeth until i found out i was actually brushing the acid into my teeth, by which time it was too late my teeth where literally crumbling on a daily basis, ive had ulcers galore in my mouth along with abcesses. id say it was only months into my sickness that damage was slightly showing then from 18m in a space of next 6m, all gone. devastated isnt the word.

bacanilds@zipma...'s picture
So. I am very depressed. I

So. I am very depressed. I had to made crowns to All my teeths and i still have to make 2 root extractions and more two crowns 70.000 reais ( brasil). All my money that I would use in other things. I am not rich. Medium class. And I know I will always need dentist. I AM 32 Years old. Man. No job experience. No hope. No social life any more. To much treatments that didn't worked. I am very tired.

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