How I Recovered From Bulimia Using Self Help

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Here is a powerful recovery story for you. 

Jen suffered with bulimia for most of her adult life. Thankfully, following the steps of the Bulimia Help Method she was able to make a full recovery.

Jen believes those years of suffering have only made her stronger and wiser. Inspired by her recovery she now dedicates her life to coaching others to recovery.

I asked her to share her powerful, inspirational story and you can listen to it here:

Jen's Recovery Story

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About Jen

Jen joined in 2009 after struggling with bulimia for over 6 years. After her recovery she became a valued member of the community helping others to recover in her spare time. Jen now works as a bulimia recovery coach for


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Thank you Jen!!! I could

Thank you Jen!!! I could really relate to your story. Especially with your working in the fitness industry. Eating disorders and the fitness industry are not a good match.

Do you have any tips for people who still work in the fitness industry?




Coach Jen
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  Hi Gilly!   My advice


Hi Gilly!


My advice for anyone in the fitness industry would be to find a way to take less of a hands-on position, or find another career. It is so difficult to be surrounded by diet and fitness all day every day and still manage to keep things in perspective. It could work if there's a way to move to a more administrative position or something off the floor, but I wouldn't recommend the personal training and teaching classes while in recovery. It just feels like you're on display and everyone is monitoring you. That's difficult for anyone to handle, especially someone with an eating disorder!


Good luck to you, Gilly and thanks for listening to the interview!


Best Wishes,


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Hi Jen, thanks for sharing

Hi Jen, thanks for sharing your story. It was very helpful to me and I'm working very hard at this recovery process. Sometimes I feel like I'm making great progress, other times I feel like I'm back at square one. I'm working on the negative self talk, and telling myself that relapses are normal and can actuallly help me in the process. One thing I wish you would have talked about more was how you overcame the really hard days. The days that you really wanted to purge. The hardest thing for me is when I feel too full. My mind is consumed with purging. I just want to give up and purge to get away from those feelings.
I follow structured eating all day, but if I feel like I've eaten too much for dinner, or the times when I've eaten too much at gatherings, I break. I can't seem to get past this hurdle. What advice can you give? Thank you!

Coach Jen
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  Thanks for listening! I'm


Thanks for listening! I'm glad you found some of it to be helpful. As far as the difficult days, I certainly had a lot of those too. During tough times it is really important to have someone to lean on, like a recovery friend from the site or a close friend who knows about your bulimia. I used the community support site a lot for listening to others, blogging my good and bad days and having someone to talk to. I do think that coaching is very helpful for that- if you are having an especially difficult day you can check in with your coach. If you aren't able to sign up for coaching, I highly recommend that you take advantage of the BH community and find extra support there. One of the most valuable things I learned in recovery is that we cant always do it alone, so don't try to! I also kept a recovery journal which was a great way to express my emotions and work through them on paper. Maybe try journaling the next time you feel down, or post a blog on the BH site and get some additional support! You're never alone here!


Best wishes & take care!!

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Thank you Jen for your time

Thank you Jen for your time and sharing! I find helping others is the best way for me to help myself. I am a Yoga teacher and group fitness instructor as well as personal trainer. I could easily tell someone what and when and how much to eat, but I am having a problem knowing how much I really need.
I've been to both in patient and out patient for treatment multiple times. I feel like I am full of knowledge and not wanting to apply it. Grrr!

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