Interview with Recovery Support Officer Natalie Wild

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This special interview comes to us courtesy of Recovery Support Officer Natalie Wild. 

Natalie works for Australia’s largest eating disorder charity, Eating Disorders Victoria (or "EDV" for short) who are the primary source of support, information, education and advocacy for people with eating disorders across Australia.

And thanks to their dedicated volunteers and recovery support workers like Natalie, each year EDV are able to reach out to thousands of people with eating disorders, offering much needed support and positively impacting their lives by connecting them to the people, services and hope they need for recovery.  

Natalie volunteered for EDV for two years before being appointed to the role of Recovery Support Officer,  she is a trained counsellor and has over seven years’ experience of working with people in recovery from eating disorders.  

During our hour long interview, Natalie shares her thoughts and experiences on a number of critical recovery issues, including:

  • Taking that first step in recovery.
  • The fears that hold people back from seeking and committing to recovery.
  • The types of support available to people wishing to recover.
  • The support and services that EDV are able to offer.
  • And much, much more!

So don't worry if you're not based in Australia because you’ll still be able to benefit from the vast amount of experience and recovery insight Natalie has to offer!    

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Good to see that Bulimia help

Good to see that Bulimia help had conducted a special interview with Eating Disorders Victoria’s recovery support Officer Natalie Wild. In this interview, he discussed about EDV’s plans and their expansion works in further countries outside Australia. Thanks for sharing it.

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