Mastering The Fundamentals of Bulimia Recovery Webinar

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On this webinar myself and recovery coach Jen Knaebel run through the essentials for bulimia recovery.

We also open up the lines for a Q & A session from our listeners. 

This is a good one and really worth listening to.  

Here is what you'll learn:
- How to create a food plan that works.
- How to overcome road blocks with your eating plan.
- Myths and realities about the ‘recovery bloat’ and how to overcome it.
- And much more... 

Mastering the Fundamentals of Recovery Webinar

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This was our largest webinar yet with over 73 callers on the line! 
Again, I thank you all for your great support in helping to make the amazing recovery community it is. 

On other news... 

Jen Knaebel is now a full time recovery coach with Bulimia Help! This is great news as it now means we have new coaching spots open up.

To celebrate, we are currently running a limited 20% discount on all coaching programs with Jen. This offer is on a strict first come first served basis. To take advantage of this offer ensure to book your place on the program today.

Work with Jen Kneabel on a 1-1 basis to recover from bulimia

Jen Kneabel is a Recovery Coach at She has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and is experienced in using a variety of therapeutic interventions.

She relies on the Bulimia Help Method as the most effective way to help others make a permanent recovery.



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