Uplifting, insightful and hugely inspiring recovery interview with Sophie

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I’d like to invite you to listen to this uplifting, insightful and hugely inspiring recovery interview with Sophie, one of our current Bulimia Help Members.

Sophie joined us back in September after struggling with bulimia for over 8 years and although she’s only been with us for 4 months, thanks to the Bulimia Help Method (and A LOT of hard work) she’s already discovering just how incredible life without bulimia can be.

During her interview, Sophie talks openly and honestly about the main challenges she’s had to deal with along the way while also giving detailed accounts of:

  • Her personal experiences of dealing with the “recovery bloat” and the strategies that helped her through.
  • How she was able to make sense of the anxiety and intense feelings of distress that surfaced at the start of her recovery.  
  • How she began getting to grips with emotional binge urges.
  • How she slowly adapted to Structured Eating and the role it’s played in her recovery so far.
  • The moment she first discovered Bulimia Help and how it’s already changed her life forever.
  • How she maintains her motivation levels when facing more challenging days and her hopes for the future.
  • The physical and emotional transformations she’s undergone as a direct result of recovery.

No matter what stage of recovery you’re at, Sophie’s interview is packed with so many motivational insights and recovery tips that it’s really not to be missed!

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P.S Also, I forgot to mention, you can check out her recovery blog here: http://www.bulimiahelp.org/blog/stuna

P.P.S If anyone else would like to share their recovery story and inspire others just email me at support@bulimiahelp.org.




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Sophie, thank you so much

Sophie, thank you so much for sharing your recovery story. I especially love your insight that this program was the first time you realized you were not crazy! I, also, had tried different recovery strategies, and I knew this bulimia didn't come from childhood trauma or emotional issues. This program spoke to what I knew in my heart - this WAS a food issue. You are so brave & I am so inspired.

I am looking forward to getting to where you are, and looking back. I love when Richard asked you what you would tell yourself four months ago. You said to hang in there because it gets easier. I believe you, since I am already seeing this personally. I am rediscovering life & day are getting better!

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Hi Sophie, I just wanted to

Hi Sophie,

I just wanted to thank you so much for your interview. It really has inspired me to keep on going and not give up. I have thought so often that I am 'broken' and that I may never recover, and have suffered with bulimia for ten years. Like you, I have tried so many things to get better but nothing has lasted for long.

Right now I am feeling so excited and motivated, and hearing you speak just reaffirmed that I too can get better and live a life free of my eating disorder. I related to so much - probably all - of what you said and look forward to making the progress that you have.

Thank you for your interview and for sharing your recovery.

Lots of love. XXxx

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Hello Sophie, a big thank you

Hello Sophie, a big thank you for sharing your recovery story. I was listening all the way to what you said. It's very true. We all face the same hurdles when it comes to Bulimia. The feelings you talked about, the bloating, the purging after a fruit, which you said was ridiculous but true. I loved when you discussed the changes you felt after recovery. The tone of your skin, the eyes, the hair, the nails...all true. I'm on my way hopefully to recovery. I pray I would be the next who shares her recovery. All the best always to you, and to all the survivors and mainly to those like me who are somehow struggling to start the recovery. God bless. Peace and love

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