Physical symptoms of bulimia

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I was with my wife for 4 years before she confessed to me that she had an eating disorder. I was in total shock, I honestly had no idea. As it turns out this is pretty common. It can be challenging to spot the signs of bulimia. So lets look at some of the physical symptoms of bulima. 

Please keep in mind that some of these physical signs of bulimia can happen quite early on while others may take a little longer to develop. 

While the particular symptoms and side effects of bulimia will always differ from person to person there are some more common symptoms that most people with bulimia tend to experience at one time or another.

You can click on the specific symptom or side effect (where available) if you would like to read more information about why bulimia causes these conditions and symptoms.

The most common PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS of bulimia can include:


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