The bulimic mindset

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Dieters and bulimics who find out the truth about the effects of starvation normally feel totally relieved to know there's a solid reason behind much of their crazy food behavior.

The main problem lies with a continual pursuit for thinness. Most are not willing to let this pursuit go. They feel that one day they will get there. Or there's simply too much pressure from our society to be thin.

Please, please remember -  trying to reach a fantasy weight only leads to a life long day-to-day battle with food and your body.

If you are currently battling to achieve a fantasy weight (or maintain it) then you need to really ask yourself if it's really worth all the hassle?

Did you know that obsession with weight and food can be a direct side-effect of hunger and the effects of starvation? Knowing this should hopefully help keep you away from dieting and food restriction.

So where does bulimia fit in? Many factors are involved in the progression and development of bulimia. A lot of studies show dieting can play a very, very large part. In fact some experts believe if restrictive dieting never existed then there would be very little, if none instances of anorexia or bulimia (ANRED).

I think it is time to explore the bulimic mindset...

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So I am brand new to this

So I am brand new to this site, and I was reading your comment. I do this SOOO often, but before I began to b/p so much, I ate the 100 calorie smartpop Kettle Corn popcorn bags! They are pretty good, and actually a GOOD amount of food, Most 100calorie packs are like 3 bites so I hate them, but this is like half a bag of popcorn, hope my post is helpful!

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