Physical effects of food restriction

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Food restriction can lead to a wide range of physical health symptoms.

When you restrict your food intake your body does not realize that you are on a diet! No, it thinks you are faced with a famine; luckily enough it has inbuilt famine survival mechanisms to help survival through this potentially fatal situation.

Each time you diet or restrict your food intake to lose weight, your body will turn all its attention to resist the weight loss process. So instead of burning fat (like most people think), your body grabs a hold of fat to protect it - after all, fat is the most vital substance that will help with survival so why waste it. Instead your body turns to your lean muscle to supply the fuel for the time being. Meaning you burn lean muscle instead of fat!!

Your body will then bombard you with overwhelming food cravings to make you eat.

Not only this, your body does several other things when you diet, it sets up 'all' guards to protect you from starvation. It can lower your metabolism so it meets the demand to a lowered food intake and can decrease your 'satiety' after eating. This is food messages that tell that enough food has been consumed. Without normal satiety messages being transmitted you can just eat and eat and still feel 'empty'! This is not a nice feeling.

Your body uses such clever survival techniques simply to make you eat more in case another famine is around the corner (clever body)! This is why 95% of ALL diets fail.


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