Bulimia using laxatives and diuretics

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Many people with bulimia report they use laxative or diuretics as a way of purging. Some laxative abusers report a desire to feel empty and thin after binging so they use laxatives in order to achieve feelings of weight loss or as a way of coping with guilt associated with eating large amounts of food.

Many take laxatives in excessive amounts because they believe laxatives can quickly remove food from their body before the calories are absorbed. This does not happen.

Laxatives and diuretics are ineffective

Laxatives and diuretics are totally ineffective at removing food from your body and totally ineffective at promoting weight loss. Please be aware that the food you believe you are removing when you have a bowel movement has actually already been processed through your body whereby calories and nutrients have already been absorbed.

Some find they have to use laxatives because they cannot generate a bowel movement on their own, they soon find more and more laxatives are needed to generate the same movement. Overtime this can lead to bowel failure, therefore it is important to make an appointment with your GP for a check up before this happens.


How laxatives function

Laxatives are normally used when someone has been constipated for a long time and they need to have a bowel movement.

Laxatives artificially stimulate the nerve endings in the colon (large bowel) which is situated at the end of your digestive tract. This stimulation acts the same way as your body’s natural stimulation to tell you to empty your bowel.

If food has reached your colon this means it has already visited your stomach, past into your small intestine, had all calories and nutrients withdrawn and made way to the last destination which is your colon. When it gets to your colon the only thing left is indigestible fiber and non-nutritive waste material. Only this indigestible fiber and non-nutritive waste material will be released.

Important: Consult your doctor

If you are or have been abusing laxatives you should consult your doctor for a health check up and advice.



How diuretics work

Diuretics work by increasing the rate of urination. This fluid loss is recognized by people who abuse them as weight loss, however as soon as fluids are taken again you simply replace the water that was lost and perhaps store more to compensate. Imagine soaking a sponge in water then squeezing it, like a sponge your body will replace the water as soon as it's exposed again to liquid.

Diuretics are usually marketed by the diet industry in forms of diet teas or slimming pills. The industry makes a fortune because people get a false sense of weight loss when in fact it is just water weight loss.

You might feel lighter after using them; this is because water is relatively heavy, have you ever carried your shopping home and found your arms sore because of the weight of your carton of milk or cordial juice?.

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