Laxatives don't help weight loss

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Laxatives are not designed as way to control weight. They do not remove food from your body before calories are absorbed and do not help with permanent weight loss.

It is only the waste that has reached your large intestine that will be released. This waste has already passed through your body and by this point most of the calories have already been absorbed.

Laxatives and Diuretics do not help you lose weight, they only help you visit the toilet.

The laxative myth!

The laxative myth is the belief that food and calories can be flushed out the body before calories are consumed. However our digestive system and laxative use does not work in this manner, it is not possible to achieve permanent weight loss through the consumption of laxatives.

In most cases, by the time laxatives are absorbed and processed by the large intestine most calories and food have already been absorbed.  The weight loss is ‘water loss’ and important nutrients such as electrolytes, minerals and indigestible fiber. These nutrients are what most of us refer to as water weight.

Water loss not weight loss!


Laxatives and diuretics remove a lot of water from your body during the process, people get misled by this water loss.  However within 48 hours of using laxatives the body will retain water to make up for all that it had lost. This water retention can leave you bloated.

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