The tale of your food guru...

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Imagine your intuition as a wise old man, he is you food guru who has evolved over millions of years. His intellect is incredible. Your guru knows every inch of your body and knows what nutrients it needs.

Food messages are sent to you in the form of food cravings. Your guru might realize it is running short in protein, it knows that this is needed for regenerating and fixing cells, therefore it is vitally important for the body to fill up on its reserves. So a message is sent to your food thoughts and suddenly you might start thinking about eating eggs or a chicken sandwich for lunch!

Your guru does not have to think about calories or fat grams, it knows what foods do what and exactly how much is needed in the body.

He works continually and he's always doing an excellent job, after all he is very wise with millions of years of practice.

When we are children

Babies and toddlers are intuitive eaters and use this inner wisdom, they don’t eat based on diet rules, in fact they listen carefully to their food guru. They cry when they are hungry and turn their heads from feeding when they are satisfied.

Research shows that if you give toddlers all access to a wide range of food, they actually manage to eat what their body needs in terms of a balanced diet.

Diets upset your food guru

The first diet you embark on can disrupt your food guru's ability to work normally. Once food restriction takes place your food guru panic. He then becomes distracted to help battle against the starvation process. Your guru does not realize that you are using 'external' control' of diet plans and restrictive eating. It thinks that you are actually faced with starvation and famine.

As your food guru panics it no longer simply regulates food by telling you what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. Instead it turns all its attention to getting food. Due to inbuilt survival mechanism, your guru takes on a new role, this role is to bombard your food thoughts with powerful messages to eat, normally for foods high in fat and sugar. Your guru does this because it knows that your body needs energy 'fast' and these foods are the best for survival.

Your guru prepares for a binge

Your guru wants you to find food, so it continually bombards your mind with food thoughts and heightens your hunger to a ravenous level. When you do find food your guru also knows that you will binge, so it also makes preparation for this to happen.

In order to make you eat more during the binge it turns off your 'satiety transmitters'. With this switched off you are not going to feel satisfied after eating even a large amount of food. Your guru then switches on your 'extended taste response' mechanism. This button awakens your taste buds to liking sweet foods for a longer period - 'a plan to make you consume more sugar'!

This is going to confuse you and keep you eating, which is your guru's overall plan. It wants to get as much calories in as possible to order to 'stock up'.

It can take a while for your guru to trust that no other starvation crisis or famine is near. It will not switch on satiety transmitters for a good while after food shortage and it will continue to send powerful food messages to fill up it's 'panic' reserves and re-balance the body. The body is depleted through a lack of nutrition from purging so additional nutrition is needed and is going to be kept in your guru's storage cupboard. This is a safety stock in case another starvation crisis comes about.

You begin a structured eating plan

After a good few months of structured eating, your guru starts to realize that things are going good. It starts to spring clean its reserves and switch on 'satiety transmitters' to allow the body normalize and feel satiety sensations once again. Then it gets to work resuming normality on other parts that were affecting during the period of food restriction.

If your food guru has not been given the opportunity to resume normality for many years, then it will require more time to fix and rebuild your body.

This process is slow because the mind has not practiced 'normal eating skills' for a long time. There is a lot of cluttered diet information that has become twisted and knotted, it has also managed to block the guru's communication path! The mind has forgotten how to respond to the food guru's subtle messages of what to eat and when.

While your guru gets to work sending normal food messages it understands that your mind will take a while to undo the diet knots and clear the clutter. But..once this happens... it can re-gain the once shared, immaculate flow of communication with your mind.


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Wow..that actually made a lot

Wow..that actually made a lot of sense. It also makes me feel a whole lot better to know that maybe I'm not some insane person when I binge. Having it explained is something I never thought would helps a lot!

XxWeWereMeantToLivexX's picture
I love the idea of this...

I love the idea of this...

XYou know guys, maybe this is just a mountain we all have been given to climb, and when we get to the top, we can look down at the beauty below...A Blessing in disguise to make us stronger people with a firmer hold on reality.X

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thats a really nice way too

thats a really nice way too look at it! very helpful.


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takes a while...

a few months, maybe longer for those who have b/p-ed for years? damn....

I know I need to be patient, but still...I wish I could just tell my guru sorry, but things are normal from now on, I promise. and then click!
too bad its not that simple. but I will keep being patient, i know it will take time...

surlacoudepied's picture
good lord i wish i was

good lord i wish i was normal.

it sounds like a wonderous way to live...

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Yes, I agree! It would be

Yes, I agree! It would be wonderful to wake up, be at peace with yourself and take your time to prepare breakfast and enjoy it while you read the newspaper or listen to the radio... Then go to work, with your mind set on your tasks and not on food or on the last binge, do your tasks until your guru gives you the signs of hunger which casually coincides with lunch time. So you eat your favourite food, moderately because you had breakfast in the morning so you are not so hungry... And so on! It sounds great! I wish I could come back to a normal person!

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makes sense

i can eat and eat long after my friends are done eating ... i wish i was normal too

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Great article!

I'd like my guru to work with me... I'd like to talk to him: "Here is the deal... I'm gonna eat normally and promise not to purge if you stop me when I'd enough." I wish it was as simple... Thanks for this article!

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That's Fantastic!

Gosh I wish i could mail this to all the ed psychs on the planet =)

Das Leben ist Bunt

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i want my guru to be happy!

i agree - it is comforting to know WHY i crave food all the time, and can't keep my mind off of food.
You're right. I wish my food guru can be happy and active now. I know this is sort of silly, but I'm going to try to imagine my food guru as the little old man (the picture up there) - my buddy! I promise I'll be nice to this little guy.

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I really like the way that this relates to my issue. I have been on a low carb diet for a while now, deathly afraid of breads and grains (something that i used to love). I now understand that my body needs these carbs and that if I get the urge to eat carbs i should have something that will fill that need. There are so many healthy carb options and I should just eat one of those instead of depending on brownies and cookies like I love to do.

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